Tuesday, February 4, 2014


You know me, I'm a shopaholic, and when it's about something healthy that promotes a positive change I go all crazy. I've been searching for a fifth brand of tea, in search of the perfect flavor; walking through Target I saw a brand called Good Earth, it caught my attention because of it's label and presentation, then I saw that it was citrus flavored so I bought it. 

When opening the package and taking a sniff of the tea bag I immediately backed off, it didn't smell so good and it definitely didn't smell like green tea. After putting the tea bag in my mug and waiting for it to cool off a little I smelled it again, and it wasn't as disgusting as smelling the raw tea bag but it smelled like a bag a sugary sweetness (but like a shit load of it). The taste, it was totally unexpected. It tasted a little bit light, but with a touch of lemon grass? I'm not even sure what my taste buds are experiencing but it's not that bad. It surely isn't the best one I've tasted but whenever I feel like drinking something sugary I'll def drink this tea. 

Something weird about this tea is that it's suppose to be green tea with a touch of citrus but I don't feel the green tea at all. 

In other news, I bought a little cardboard-lunchbox to keep all my tea bags so I don't have a clutter of millions of tea boxes. Since the cover is plain I plan on painting something tea related with some Sharpies :)