Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week #43: DISNEY ESCAPADE (02.17.14 - 02.23.14)

I had a rough night Sunday night, I woke up when the sky was still dark and when I grid to go go to sleep Kaitlyn started snoring and that happened about three times throughout the night, and to top it off on Monday morning she made the loudest noises when getting ready accompanied by my other roommate's noises. I finished the physics homework all on my own, and I feel so proud. I skipped physics to go to an advisor meeting for the calculus II paper and since I told him I liked roller coasters he assigned me a roller coaster calculus based problem. I had Pollo Tropical for lunch and then headed for a run on the trail. This is week #3 of my "from couch to 5k" and I'm really feeling the difference you know. Every time I run a little further and I'm also using the CharityMiles app to donate for every mile I walk/run, and I donated 7 meals in this run which is 4.5 km. I Penny boarded to calculus class and let me tell you, I'm so fucking proud of myself! I skated the whole time, not only on downhills and didn't fall at all, I also understood today's calculus section which is a plus squared! Today was a good Monday, they are rare, so it's important to write that down.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with my advisor and I asked him about the possibility of a leadership minor to which he said to decided that upon if I felt too packed the next semester since I'm taking a whole bunch of science classes. Today's leadership class was a little boring because the Ethics in Leadership professor came to cover up for Stacy at the middle of the class, it was a bit interesting because we had to move around the room but it felt endless. I went for a run and halfway through I felt a piercing pain in on right, I finished the run but I feel like I could have done ten times better if I wasn't in pain. I also got done all of my physics homework in one sitting which is a miracle, and a blessing because that means I don't have to work on it this weekend. And I'm not ashamed at all that I used Google to finish 80% of this homework haha that stuff was hard!

On Wednesday I had a fun time with Ricardo on Engineering Economics class, we started drawing silly things and making up stories about it, Ricardo kept firing missiles on my stuff :( We also had a competition about who could draw the best Harry Potter stuff XD I'm so ready for Orlando! I just finished packing and I also skipped calculus class because jeez, that class kills me to death. Just bought some headphones that are meant for running and don't fall off your ears because the ones I use keep falling, these are called Yurbuds and it had awesome reviews, I also fell into the monogram trend and bought myself a 20 oz. mason jar with my monogram, I've been looking for mason jars just to put my green smoothie on but the ones I have are kind of small, so this 20 oz. should make a big difference. Since I bought the Harry Potter book series I decided to start reading it, so I began with the Chamber of Secrets.

Finally Thursday! My fun weekend finally begins, I woke up at 9 am and got ready, went to Fresh Foods to eat some breakfast and used my camera lens cup for the first time for this morning's tea. Tio Ricky pulled over exactly where I was waiting for him and we went to Busch Gardens! I finally got to experience how was it like to skip line with Rafa's handicap, yet the park was kind of vacant so we didn't do any lines at all. It was super fun! It was so awkward though when it was lunch time because I don't want him to pay for my food, yet he did. For dinner we went to Red Lobster and I had a Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, we had fun and talked lots over dinner time. At almost midnight we got home and their home was really cozy and simple, I had my own room next to Rafa and I had a TV. 

On Friday morning Tia Betty made me biscuits with ham for breakfast, using the biscuits we took out from Red Lobster the night before which were to die for. We went to Hollywood Studios! We went to the Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster, Muppets, Beauty and the Beast, and I finally got to go to the new Toy Story ride which is similar to the Buzz Lightyear one in Magic Kingdom; we rode Toy Story three times! Using Rafa's handicap and it was amazing! I love that attraction! The first two round Tio Ricky beat me 127,000 - 133,000 and 136,000 - 161,600 but the third round I beat him 161,600 - 132,000!! I got overly excited about that haha and we had fun with it. I also had my much needed Frozen Banana covered in Chocolate and we had Turkey Legs for lunch. I got to see Fantasmic which was the main reason I wanted to come here and it was amazing, I obviously knew what was going to happen but every time I'm mesmerized by Mickey's awesomeness. Before coming on this trip I was really nervous with Rafa because I didn't know how to be with him you know, but I got to know him and felt really comfortable with him, he's awesome. He kept saying 'mardigras' haha, Tia Betty said he got that stuck in his head when they went to Universal Studios. For dinner we went to a Chinese buffet, I wasn't surprised by the food but oh well, it was a buffet. As long as it's all-you-can-eat I eat it. 

Saturday was my last full day with the Kam's and we went to Animal Kingdom. It as been so long since I have come here and there was not much to see plus it was raining on and off so the day was not as enjoyable. We went to Everest twice and I sat next to Rafa. I was kind of happy my aunt and uncle trusted me to sit next him because we have to remind him to put his head back and to assure he's buckled up. Everest was far off better than I remembered. We also went to Dinosaur, the safari in which we saw plenty of animals! I kid you not when I say the lion was 20 meters from us looking directly at us. We also went to the Nemo Musical and the Bugs show. We left early because of the rain and I accompanied my aunt and uncle to Costco so they could run some errands. I went to mass with them and I was amazed by the church; the seats where soft, we each had a booklet with the year's lectures, and it was all so pretty and big. For dinner we went to IHOP and I had a strawberry and banana pancake which was delicious. 

And the last day of my vacation arrived, we woke up extra early so my uncle could drop me off at the Bus Station. I slept most of the ride back to Tampa and then I hopped onto a HART bus to get to USF.  It was a super awesome weekend, and Tio Ricky and Tia Betty are the greatest host. Cheers to my first trip with them. I only wish Richie and Raul could've come.