Friday, February 14, 2014

Week #42: VALENTINE'S WITHOUT ROD :( (02.10.14 - 02.14.14)

On Monday I got my calculus II test back, and I did better than expected. I got a 72.5 :) I went to the library after class and tried to read through my economics material since I have a test on Wednesday and I did the best I could. I bought a hot chocolate at Starbucks to drink while studying but it was so nasty, it lacked sugar or something like that. I feel like a real blogger now, my Starbucks to the left, a TMNT sweatshirt on and my legs crossed; the only thing missing is for me to be sitting in Starbucks instead of the library. 

On Tuesday I had my physics lab, and it was a good lab :) I also had my leadership class, this one was a little bit more tedious but I still like it. I have that economics test on Wednesday and my plan is to study Wednesday morning, lol. Also, Tio Ricky arrived to Orlando, and that means: Disney World next week!I also had Panda Express for dinner, and that made me feel back so from now on I'm gonna be healthier! I also ran in the trail today, following the "from couch to 5k" workout. 
This was my view when running, pretty isn't it?

On Wednesday I woke up super early, 7:30 am, because I wanted to study before the test; besides, I asked Ricardo if he wanted to study together and he said Wednesday morning. Breakfast was not that good... The place smelled horrible and it seemed like nobody noticed, plus there weren't any biscuits! I came to the coffee shop at the bookstore to study while drinking my hot chocolate. I got to read a whole chapter, and when it was 9:15, Ricardo bailed on me. 

On Thursday I biked all the way to 7-Eleven at Fletcher to pay my Grehound ticket since the website was not accepting my credit card, it was chilly outside, and afterwards I went to Publix to do some grocery shopping since I had none left. It's so weird how I know all the streets and routes I have to take, I finally feel kind of at home; but without the family and friends part *sigh. When I got back I just chilled and did nothing for a while, I worked out a little in my room and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before going to bed. I was suppose to go on a run but it was so chilly I changed my mind. 

Happy Valentine's Day! This is my 4th year with Rod as my valentine! <3 and he got me a cookie, lol, even though we are 1345 miles away! (Yes, I googled that). Either way.. He ate the cooke hahaha. I also went for a run this morning and ran 4.20 km, I obviously didn't run the whole time but I'm def getting better. I met up with Courtney to do some physics homework and I gave her a Hershey's bar and a Resse's Pieces. She let me have two of her Resse's Pieces and now I like that chocolate :) I ordered pizza for dinner to celebrate valentine's day by myself, lol; jk, I guess I'll Skype with Rod tonight :) I also discovered why I didn't got accepted into PSU! I got a letter saying that they didn't accept transfer students for mechanical engineering, lol, they should have told me that when I applied don't you think? I also did laundry since I'm wearing my last pair of clean undies, hehe.