Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week #40: 19th Birthday Yo! (01.27.14 - 02.02.14)

On Monday I had a homemade wrap for lunch with tofu in it, I'm loving these wraps :) I mostly did nothing actually... read some material for the leadership class, did an assessment test for that class to which finds your strengths. Btw. It said that my strengths are futuristic, empathy, relator, arranger, positivity. I agree on all of them except the second one, which surprises me because it landed on second place. I Penny boarded to calculus II and there was this down hill on the way and I decided to go for it, all the way down I just thought *balls of steel Stacy, balls of steel*, and Thank God, I am alive with no new bruises or scratches. I also got two packages in the mail! The first one I was expecting was from Forever 21, I was so excited for my new purse and I love it! The second package was from Target and I was like "wut?" I texted my mom asking if it was hers and she was like "", so I opened it. It contained two pairs of jeggins, and then I remember Alex texting me that she saw a girl with leggins and she reminded her of me so I texted her and indeed the package was from her! It was suppose to arrive on my birthday but it got early, she also wrote two short messages which where almost impossible to find haha. I loved those jeggins :) 

On Tuesday I had my second physics lab and it was okay, we got everything right. I got a 18/20 in my first lab which makes me really happy, however, I got a 0.5/2 in my pre-lab :( I don't know if the pre-lab sums to the actual lab or if it's a separate grade but when the TA saw my lab score he said that I was alright. I also wore one of the jeggins Alex got me with my Captain America shirt :) Ooh, btw. Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day! Yeah, that's a thing haha; the dining hall had a poster about it and was serving blueberry pancakes so I had one for breakfast. I went to my Fundamentals of Leadership class, and omg, I just LOVE that class. I feel so at ease when talking about experiences or opinions, and I love the activities we do. This class we had a scavenger hunt of strengths. It's just so much fun how you can learn and have fun at the same time, I think this is the first academic class in which I have experienced that. I feel so stressed out because I'm not gonna have time at all this weekend to do school work because I'm gonna be gone all four days and I have so much to do! I went to yoga class and surprise, surprise! Maury (our usual yoga instructor) wasn't there and we got a sub, a Pilates teacher sub, so we did more abs than yoga! And I really needed yoga because I'm so stressed out :(

On Wednesday I had an economics quiz and I missed about three which makes me really sad :( I also had a physics exam and I hope I do go, I think I got the majority right and it's also t-score graded thank God. The weather has been cold, around 10 degrees and it was raining and I got wet. I received a package in the mail, and it was the casetagram cases I ordered for me and my mom! They are not the way I thought it would be, but they're okay. 

On Thursday I went to the Florida Aquarium and had dinner in Olive Garden. 

On Friday I went to Busch Gardens and had Chinese take out for dinner. 

On Saturday I went to the International Plaza to do some shopping and got tons of stuff, also I got some things for Patty's surprise birthday present. 

And Sunday was Happy Birthday to me!! I went to the Airheads Trampoline Indoor Arena and bounced like a rabbit :) Afterwards I had dinner in Chili's and ended the day watching the Super Bowl in which the Seattle Seahawks won! Yes!