Friday, February 28, 2014

Week #44: Movies with Courtney Part II (02.24.14 - 02.28.14)

On Monday I was so tired because of the sleep deprivation I had from the weekend. I searched for a couple of online jobs because I want to earn some extra money, I hope I get the job; they are translator and transcribing jobs. I made myself go to math class since I missed the last one, and damn this shit is hard. I also received two packages today, some clothes from Forever 21 (got myself a unicorn onesie!) and the last gift from Patty's surprise birthday present :)

On Tuesday I had no physics lab so I went for a run. I ran 3.22 km (my farthest run) and I was giving up halfway through, I finished though. I was texting with Ale about being fit and stuff, I'm glad I have a friend on the same boat as me :) After leadership class I headed to the library with a couple of bananas, a Ziploc with popcorn and a water bottle to do some school work. I finished my economics homework, and studied for the quiz, but I had a hard time focusing in physics. Instead, I used my time to google future Disney Marathons which is definitely a must for me in the future. I'm gonna ask Courtney if she'd like to join me, if not, I guess I'll go by myself. And to wrap up the evening I saw Frozen for the first time, it was an okay movie. I liked it but it felt like it needed more material, more loops or whatever.

On Wednesday I had the "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" song from Frozen stuck in my head, I was driving Ricardo mad haha. I also did awesome on the quiz! I got the practical question right! A good way to start the day. I also got a call from Alex, which was nice since I kind of miss her and it makes me feel needed :) I feel confident that I didn't get an F in my physics exam if that helps XD I was struggling at first but after a couple of tries I got the answers in the multiple choice. I also officially registered in the Disney's 10 Miler run this October 4th! I also book the hotel and everything :3 I'm gonna stay at the Disney's All-Star Movie Resort, so far I'm going by myself though. I also got a reply on a job application I sent to work at INTO USF, I'm not really sure what the job was about because I applied to several all at once but I think I know which is it. I have a group interview next week :)

On Thursday I woke up early, 9 am, to go for a run. Gosh, this run beat me up man, I was so tired. I have this pain on my right side whenever I run and I don't know what it is but it's a sharp pain. After my run I went to Publix to grab some groceries. I was planning on going to Busch Gardens but the day is so gloomy today, it's 13 degrees outside. I spent the rest of my day watching Harry Potter and being a silly cat :3 I checked the tracking on the headphones I bought from Target because a couple of days ago it went from Orlando to Jacksonville which was very odd; today it says it's in Atlanta! I got so mad and call every available costumer service, at the end I got my rerun back... But I really wanted those headphones for this weekend. Guess I'll have to go to Target to see if they have them. And at around 10 pm my mom and dad called me to talk about our trips this summer, thank God I'm still going to Italy this summer (I'm so happy in the inside!). Instead of traveling Europe we are going to travel through Asia since my dad really wants to travel to China. 

I woke up early on Friday to go see the Lego Movie with Courtney! We had fun, and the movie was bleh/ok. After that we went to Pollo Tropical since Courtney has never been there! And then we went to Target because I had to buy the earbuds that don't fall off your ears when running, she bought an auxiliary cable so we listened to disney classics on our way back; we also each bought a packet of Jelly Beans, and at first I was like mmm I don't know why I didn't like them as a kid, but then the strange flavors came over and ugfwkjkduw :S.