Friday, February 14, 2014

Lonely Valentine

Today is Valentine's Day, and this is the 2nd Valentine's I'm not with Rod, or maybe the third I'm not sure haha. I for sure remember when I was in L.A. after Taiwan and he was back in Panama. Anyway, although we are 1345 miles away, he bought me a cookie! How sweet? And well... He ate it haha. That momo! 

And it is going to be like this for the next three years or more, depending on my masters :( I just really miss having a decent date with him just like our last date we had for our 3rd anniversary in my favorite steak restaurant, La Hacienda Real. I even dressed up nicely for that evening. 

Although, we were not together for Valentine's I still feel that this is just another day but with a special name. I don't love him more because it's Valentine's Day, but I do show my love for him in Instagram so that I have an excuse to post a picture of us, lol. 

To my forever valentine, 

I love you.