Friday, February 7, 2014

Week #41: From Couch to 5k (02.03.14 - 02.07.14)

On Monday I was very tired and stressed, I got to finish the physics homework due that day but I got a 45% on the homework due Wednesday and I am SO MAD! It was the multiple choice that takes points if you miss the questions, and it was so tricky! I hate you Newton. I went to the library to try to study for calculus and did a bit but not much, I came back and I wanted to Skype with Rod so bad but he fell asleep :( I also got my last two birthday presents, the Konstructor camera kit and my Harry Potter bracelet, I absolutely loved the bracelet; but the camera kit stressed me out because there's something that doesn't fit so I just left it alone.

On Tuesday I just had physics lab since the Fundamentals of Leadership class got cancelled, and I did well on the lab. I've been procrastinating all day, I even Skyped with Rod during the day. I was browsing through my blog (procrastinating, ehem) and felt so happy while scrolling down my photography posts, I feel so happy I got to do all the things I've done and to have the opportunity of having a good camera :) After procrastinating I manned up and got through 3/4 of my economics material. At 7 pm I went to the gym and got on the treadmill for the first time, obviously I feel more comfortable at the elliptic but I wanted to try it out... Well, looks like I'll keep using the elliptic. I also had a yoga class and the instructor was absent again.. and we got a pilate instructor AGAIN! I really miss doing actual yoga :( Anyway, I feel pretty proud of myself because although I had Moe's for lunch, I had nothing else for dinner than mandarines and tea :3

Wednesday was a very busy day, I had a quiz and my first calculus II test. I felt proud of myself for sitting down for what felt like hours in the library working on calculus problems. I also did a much needed laundry since I was wearing my last pair of clean underwear. I had Subway for dinner, which I haven't had in a long time and it was good :) And at the end of the day I spent the night at Pinterest, and I came up with a new goal since I kinda broke my "don't break the chain" thing (kinda... I can still make it work though). My new goal for the next couple of months is: from couch to 5k. Whenever I run I always try to run the 5k the first time, but now I'm gonna stick to the plan that I found. 

On Thursday I met up with Courtney so I could help her with her calculus homework and work together on our physics homework as well. We got to finish the physics homework and then headed to the MSC to get some food because I was starving, we ended both eating Moe's which I thought was a bad thing because of the health factor but they put so much cheese on my burrito I now dislike Moe's. Like, I'm typing this and I can still taste the shit load of cheese I had in my burrito. After that Courtney was kind enough to drive me to the Study Abroad office so I could hand in my application for Florence and Jim, the study abroad *some high position, was so funny (a little weird) and made us laugh the whole stay. Courtney is thinking about studying abroad in Scotland so she got to learn a few things she didn't know. After that Courtney dropped me off at my dorm and I went grocery shopping, got some fruits, yogurt, and ingredients for my tofu wraps. I started the "from couch to 5k" program and I ran what I was suppose to run, I was surprise that I was tired at the end because it didn't seem like a big workout but geez, I ran 3.08 km which is the most I've ran in the last three months or so, and the fastest too. 

On Friday I skipped the economics class because I was very sleepy, I went to the academic advisor's office to get my course approval form approved for study abroad and then I fell into a deep depression... I can't apply to the Senacyt scholarship because I have to be there to get some papers signed so that means I'm stuck here until graduation day... I also got denied by Penn State which I don't get because I have better grades and a higher SAT score than last time. I'm so frustrated with myself and I just wanna die, like this is the first time I've felt I don't wanna be here anymore... Obviously that's not going to happen because I'm not that stupid but that's how it honestly feels. I tried to bring positive thoughts so feel less sad, I hope I can do my masters in UC San Diego or McGill, that would really make me feel better in the future. I also went to my coach meeting with Justin Fitzgerald for the Certified Student Leadership program and I like Justin :)I also went for a run and actually ran faster and longer than last time :D and lastly I finished my leadership paper :D I also had pizza bites for dinner and that makes me feel bad :( gotta do some abs now haha. Uhh and it was rainy all day, so I ran in the rain with my rain coat haha.