Saturday, September 21, 2013

Comparing my Nikon D7100 to my Sony a580

So this week I bought a brand new camera, I bought a Nikon following my grandpa's advice, and of course I followed his advices because he's had over 5 Nikon cameras, even over 10. So I bought this particular Nikon because of its weight, focus points (21, which is a lot) and prize.

When I first bought my Sony a580 I did it because of the colors, the shots I took with that camera came out with very vivid and similar colors.

What I noticed the most between these two cameras was: that the Sony a580 projected a better quality of colors while the Nikon D7100 had better focus.

I still have to get used to this new layout, but here are a few cons and pros about the Nikon D7100 compared to my Sony a580.


  • The screen that tells you the aperture, ISO and speed does not have a light of its own, so you can't see those numbers unless you select the option to use the screen. 
  • I've noticed that sometimes it takes a long time to go from picture to picture. 
  • It's lightweight. 
  • The lens I bought has a bigger capacity (18-105mm) and is smaller and lighter. 
  • The vast amount of lenses you can buy. 
  • The focus capacity. 
Overall I think that both cameras have their pros and cons, and they are both good. It just takes a little bit of getting used to and knowing you camera's peeks. 

Taken with my Nikon D7100.