Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week #22 (09/23/2013 - 09/29/2013)

On Monday I went to my classes like usual, and in chemistry Armando asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with him on Sunday! I'm so excited. Also I had my tutoring session with Milan, he was kind of quiet but he did help some, most of my mistakes where stupid algebraic mistakes. I also went to the gym and did some cardio while watching a Netflix series called "The League", it's not a Netflix series but I was watching it from Netflix, I really like Netflix and I think I'm gonna keep it for a long time.

On Tuesday I only had Foundations of Engineering Lab class and my group and I had our bridge presentation, we were the first group up because of Nick's last name and let me tell you, WE SUCKED. All the other groups were amazing, and ours was lacking information. I felt so bad, we could have one more, but I think that individually I did a lot compared to the other two but that doesn't matter anymore. My mom had sent me an Amazon package and it arrived today, at first I thought it was going to be super cheap, like $1, raincoat but it actually was a Columbia raincoat, those with who-cares technology, it was a super awesome gift. I also liked my outfit of that day :)

On Wednesday I had my first Calculus test and I was so nervous, however I finished an hour before it was time. Then I went to the library to do the flowchart for our Chemistry Lab class the next day and after that I had to go to an American Studies screening to watch "Rebel Without a Cause", it was a good movie, considering it was an old one. I always tend to get bored in classic movies but this one was good.

On Thursday after our lab, I went back to the dorm and change to a pretty dress and a necklace I had bought weeks ago. I am not really a jewelry kind of person but I really liked the necklace. I had to dress like that to go to a mandatory career fair. Companies don't even hire freshmen for their internships, so it was kind of a waste of time because I already know where I wanna go (Disney, NASA, Boeing, Lego). After the career fair I hopped on the HART bus to go to the Metropolitan Ministries orientation, and in the way I met a student who was in the same bus as I. I don't know his name but he had latino heritage and told me all about his father and grandfather (weird?). In the Metropolitan Ministries orientation, this guy (Felix), gave us a presentation about the place and what could you do, the place is very beautiful and very modern. I was really impressed with that. Also in the walls they had kid's picture with a description and more than half wanted to be photographers so I'm considering volunteering as a Photography instructor. When I got back I had ramen and Panda express for dinner and finished watching "The League" on Netflix. I also watched Modern Family, Glee and X Factor since Rod fell asleep early in the night.

On Friday I basically did  nothing else than watch Grey's Anatomy :)