Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Was So Freaking Scared..

So in my previous post I told you about my new gig in Fashion Voyage, and today I went through campus looking for stylish people asking for a photo. 

At first I went to the Marshall Student Center and I was so awkward, I was about to give up and do it another day in Downtown, but I built courage and took out my camera. On my first try I saw this girl with a pretty dress, she was talking on the phone and I went to her and asked her if she was busy, I explained what I wanted and she told me that she was not interested, so first photo declined faster than a stand with free food. 

I kept walking and saw this cool edgy, rock and roll chic and I went up to her and asked if I she minded I took a picture of her outfit for an online magazine. She said yes! But she didn't stand up so I awkwardly took her picture sitting down. Is part of my job to as her how she describes her style and what are the brands of what she's wearing, so I asked her that and she didn't told me her brands so that was a fail. 

My second try, I saw a girl in an orange dress with a really cool bag walking by, and I asked her and she said yes. She answered all my questions, the only thing is that she only gave me the brand of her dress so that was not okay either.           

They say the third try is the one so I saw this Asian girl with a really edgy, simple yet sweet style and I asked her if I could, she said yes and she described every single item of clothing. That's the photo I sent to Mr. Comstock. He was really pleased with it. 

I kind of went from a really awkward to a really comfortable stage during my first search for good candidates and I just hope to get better in time. This will definitely strengthen some of my weaknesses.