Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Struggle

At the beginning of 2013 I was in FSU doing some courses in advance to being in USF, because I think FSU is easier due to the nationality of the professors (Panamanian) and the expectance of their students (who are also Panamanian). Hence, I was used to an easy life in FSU doing homework once or twice a week and studying for each test for 15 or 30 minutes. 

Now here at USF, where it is also harder; I took 7 courses compared to the 4 and 3 courses I took at FSU. I haven't felt this pressured and stressed since high school. Plus the responsibility of going out to eat, doing laundry (big time consumer), cleaning my room, exercising, and participating in organizations and other activities that may enhance my curriculum, I'm really feeling The Struggle. 

This last week I've heard "the struggle" like 10 times from 10 different people, it's not just me who is taking this transition a little overwhelming. The only difference is that those I've heard it from are taking 4 to 5 courses, while I'm here taking 7. 

I didn't just took 7 courses because I wanted to challenge myself, but my scholarship requires me to have 30 credits per year (15 per semester) and since I'm taking a couple of courses that only give you 1 credit (the labs), and a mandatory course which gives you none, I'm stuck with 7 courses. 

This weekend I got really stressed out due to the amount of school work I have for this week, but I took a moment and analyzed. I got to the conclusion that I was getting overly stressed, because I wanted to finish all my school work for the week in one weekend, which may be possible but a hell of a weekend. 

Right now I'm just taking one day at a time, and counting the days until my Christmas break (88 days for December 13th). 

"The Struggle" can be prevented with good time management and prioritizing.