Sunday, September 8, 2013


Today was the first time I tried yoga with an instructor. Before coming to USF I bought a book of yoga to tone up but as usual I ended up not using it at all. I decided to go to this class, since it's free and also to try it out the real way. I used a black mat they gave to the ones who didn't have one and I installed myself at the back of the studio. At first we did kind of the same movements my book mentioned, the upside-down dog, the hmm well, a lot of yoga names. The class lasted an hour and at the middle of it I was already dying. It drained all my energy! I didn't think yoga could make you tired, I thought it was supposed to relax you. But guess what, it made me tired and relaxed me! There were some hardcore moments when we did some crunches and had to balance and stay in position, but there were also moments in which you just relaxed and the instructor helped you go deep into your mind and forget about stress and responsibilities.

I really liked yoga, and for sure I'm coming back. I belief this yoga class was a "Power Yoga" session, which explains the crunches and stuff; but still I loved it.