Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stand Up Paddling

Today I did Stand Up Paddle for the second time in the Riverfront Park lake, where USF students can rent the board for just $5 the two hours. This time though I got tire faster, and the sun was hotter. I really enjoyed the first time but this time was kind of a bummer. First I rode my 3.1 miles to get there on my bike and when I get there I realize I don't have my wallet with me, so I have to make an international call to get my grandpa's credit card number. Then they gave me a shorter paddle than last time and this one was too short to paddle standing up and if I paddled sitting down for too long my knees hurt. The sun was also very strong, and maybe that was my fault because last time I got there a little bit later in the afternoon (note to self: don't go at noon). However, the perk of the trip was that this time I had my iPhone with me so I took pictures and clips. I really hope this experience does not sour my like for SUP (Stand Up Paddle).