Friday, September 20, 2013

Week #21 (09/16/2013 - 09/22/2013)

On Monday I did my usual, I went to my Chemistry class and sat next to Armando. I'm starting to like him as a friend :) I also got super great news! I was hired by Fashion Voyage (an online fashion magazine) to take photographs here in Tampa. They said they'd pay me $5 per picture. I'm so excited. I already ordered my new camera, a Nikon D7100. Later that day I went to the library to meet up with Armando to do the practice exam for Chemistry and we aced it. Then we went to the food court and had Panda Express. I had my usual, the thumbs down part was that the lady just poured about 5 pieces of beef and thousands of broccoli.

On Tuesday my camera arrived! I ordered it with a two days shipping but it arrived earlier! After foundations for engineers I went straight to the mailroom to pick up my package. This new camera is super light, and I'll be doing a review of it this weekend. I bought a 18-105 mm, and a fisheye lens. The lens is super light and small to have that zoom. In foundations of engineering class and sat next to Ahmad.. things are getting weird, I kind of feel uncomfortable around him. I guess whenever I rush a friendship it always ends up weird and awkward (he also had bad breath). At night I went to the library to finish my lab report for Chemistry and I did! I stayed until around 10 pm. Cool thing about my library: 24 hour Starbucks, now if only I drank coffee haha.

On Wednesday when I came out of my American Studies class it was raining so bad! And again, I left my umbrella at my room. So I got a little bit wet. I stopped by the bookstore to buy a clipboard to put the signing sheet for my photography thing and then I went to my dorm. I went out again to go to my Calculus class, we finally started with applications of derivatives and now derivatives of logarithms and more fun stuff. After that I went to the library to meet up with David and Victoria and David was being an asshole, besides the fact that he brought his girlfriend and was all distracted we was "creyendose la gran vaina" saying "I told you so"s and more asshole stuff. I kept telling him that it was impossible for us to identify more than one compound mixed together and he kept saying that he personally asked the TA, so I had to email the professor in charge to prove him wrong.

That's my new free shirt :)
On Thursday I went to my lab, and hung out with Ricardo outside. I feel better now that I know that I'm not the only one who thinks David's a douche. We did awesomely great in this lab, we narrowed our search to two options with a very strong hint on one of them. After lab I went to a Study on Leadership thing that gives you hours for my Certified Student Leaders Program. I met Sylvia, she's from Indonesia and I liked her. I hope we can do some volunteer work together. Oh yeah, before the study on leadership thing, I was out and about taking pictures for the Fashion Voyage photos, the first one I took was really bad and I got sad, but the second one and the third one came out great! I personally like the third one which said her style is "punk but simple". I sent the pictures to Paul Comstock and now I'm waiting for his reply. So, he replied my email and he says I'm good and that he loved that I got a shot of the outfit accompanied by an apple, he asked me to create a PayPal so he could pay me! At 4 PM I went to a Read to Lead session, which serves as hours for my Certified Leadership Program, and it was fun. I ran into Kyle again, one of the kids in my Study of Leadership meeting and I made a group with him and a girl named Paige, we won a free t-shirt :) At 6:30 I went to the SkyPad at the MSC for a meeting for this YouTube thing I'm doing, we have a good team and I hope this works out.

Friday I woke up to an email confirming the payment I received from Fashion Voyage :) I'm pretty happy. at 10:45 I went to my Chemistry class to do my first exam of the term, it was pretty easy, I think I got 22/25 sans the points form the bonus question. I really hope it doesn't get harder because this test was easy for me because it covered everything I had on my three years in high school, so I really don't know what to expect for the second test. I had a meeting today with my Foundations for Engineering Lab group but it got canceled and Nick volunteered to put together the lab report so now I have the afternoon free, it's being a long time since I've had a very long period of time off. My dad is finally texting me back and replying my emails, I was really worried he had forgotten about me or didn't care at all, but now I'm happy and relieved. At 2 PM I went to my American Studies class and I got another 1/3 on my discussion questions, I was so stupid... There were 4 questions on the online file and I thought there were only 3. So I talked to Viktoria (our TA) and she told me I could email her the 4th questions so I did and now I have two points! At night I finished my math homework and google mapped my route for tomorrow, I'm planning to go to the zoo :)