Sunday, September 1, 2013

First College Football Game - USF vs. MSU

On Saturday USF played against McNeese State University in the Raymond James Stadium in Downtown Tampa. I went with my suite mates in Olivia's car and we hung out until it was time to enter the stadium. My roommate met up with one of her friends from USF St. Peterson and that left Olivia, Abby and me rooming around. We sat behind the touchdown zone, because that was the area assigned for students. I would have rather preferred the sides but oh well. Olivia's brother came and also Abby's ex-boyfriend. I really felt left out, even more when they came. I'm so socially awkward.. but well that's not what we are talking about. The game started and in our first play we made a TD. The score was 7 to 0 and the bulls were feeling the bull pride. We sang and cheered until MSU made their first touchdown. The touchdowns from MSU were pouring and we lost all our hope when it was 43 to 7. He made one more touchdown raising from 7 to 14 but MSU did too. Leaving the final score 51 to 14. Olivia and Abby left early because they had this Sorority thing early in the morning the first day so I was alone. John came around, Abby's ex, and we started talking and hanging out. John seems like a pretty decent guy. However, he left and I was left alone again. I bought a pretzel with my last 5 dollars. It was a bad choice because it was really salty and I had no more money to buy a drink. I stayed until the end because I needed the bus ride back to campus. I made it back. So so tired. I may probably not go to more games unless I've got someone to accompany me. Either way, I liked cheering up for my team. 

Cool pic ;)