Monday, December 23, 2013

Acun's 80th Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Acun's 80th birthday, although his birthday really is in January we did it because I'm in Panama right now and my dad is here too. A lot of people think it's just because of me but it's also because of my dad. So we planned the birthday to be in Bristol and we did the secret video as a gift (I feel very sad about the video because nobody really liked it and instead of keeping their mouths shut or giving compliments on the positive things like the gesture, they complained...). Apo invited around 70 people and they were all Acun's closest friends, it surprised me that the majority of them came on time, even a little bit earlier, but of course, they are third aged people haha. My job in this party was to take pictures and so I did, I posted some of the photos below. Half of the food was good and the other half I did not like very much, same goes for the deserts. The amount of people asking me about my college life was overwhelming but I guess that's what comes when you study abroad.

I hope my grandpa really liked his party, since he said this was the first real birthday party he's had. The funniest part of the night was when everybody left and he was handed the bill haha. I love my grandpa.