Friday, December 20, 2013

Week #34: Finally in Panama! (12.16.13 - 12.22.13)

On Monday I had the Mickey Mouse Mac and Cheese for lunch, the Mac and Cheese I wanted so bad since 2006 or so. I bought it in Thanksgiving when I went to Magic Kingdom with my mom and Patty. They weren't the same as the one I used to have as a child but it was good nonetheless. After lunch I drove to my grandma's and took the wrong lane when going there because now we have all these new mini highways and tunnels. I ended driving an extra half an hour. I picked up Patty in Alfavinyl and Luis at his house and went to my grandma's. We filmed over a couple of scenes for the video we are going to present in my grandpa's secret 80th birthday party that is this Sunday. After filming all day I went to dinner with Alex and Jose to Conos. Which is a restaurant in San Francisco that serves these sushi kind of things but instead of a roll, in an algae cone. It wasn't that bad but the service was kind of below average. After eating we headed to my grandma's because Jose was going to install me Photoshop and Final Cut. Btw. Jose came to pick me up and Alex, isn't that sweet? After they left, Luis, Patty and I filmed some more and then I stayed the night at my grandma's because my mom didn't like the idea of me driving late at night.

On Tuesday I woke up around 11:30 and went to my grandpa's office, he gave me some of his gadgets for my camera since he doesn't use them anymore. I had steamed fish for lunch, I wasn't planning on staying for lunch but the moment I heard we were having fish I put my bags down. I tried to cut it the right way but it was just too hard so I had a little help from my grandma hehe. At 5 pm, Rod came over! And we watched Home Alone. We also just chilled a while after the movie and had a really good time :)

On Wednesday Rod came over around 5 pm and he helped me fixing my external hard drive, because it had only permission to read but not to write on it because the hard drive was set in a Windows format. We watched Avatar and I even let him watch his LOL live streams or whatever that was. At 7 pm my mom asked me if I wanted to go to dinner to El Tambor de Oro, due to Patty's graduation and of course I wanted to. Of course that meant that my time with Rod was over :( What I hate about family dinners is... well, is when Yoyi acts up... He gets mad about everything, he yells when we are just having a conversation and it just ruins the evening.

On Thursday Patty, Luis and I kept filming the secret video for Acun's birthday and he never noticed us, he knew we were there but he never wondered why we were there or why did we have Apo's clothing and we Luis was in dress pants. That's what's funny about Acun, he never notices. We finished filming and then Patty, Tia Marilu and I watched the X Factor together. For dinner we all went to Lai Chin so I could be close to my house and did not have to drive by myself late at night, Patty drove with me because I refused to be in the same car driving with Apo by my side. She would have made me nervous and I know she would've corrected me in every single turn I made. I missed eating Chinese food :)

On Friday I woke up around 11 am and watched the X Factor finale! I'm so happy that Alex and Sierra won, they will be so big one day just like One Direction. I spent the whole afternoon watching Avatar and later at night I'll be heading to Patty's to edit the video in Yoyi's computer, wish me luck because it is going to be a long night!