Friday, December 13, 2013


This week concludes my first semester abroad, my first 4 months away from my family and friends. I have learned so many things and have turned into a very independent woman. From going grocery shopping to paying for my books and classes. I learned how to deal with people, I tried my hardest to be extrovert rather than introvert (I tried at least) and I realized how much I care about my family now that I'm gone.

Some things I learned from my first semester abroad:

- You will probable get stuck with a noisy roommate and you'll have to learn how to communicate your feelings toward her/his behavior.
- It always happen to me that I'm the messy one, so I should keep up with my game.
- Sharing is caring, I don't know what I would have done without my roommate's microwave and fridge.

- Never miss a class, even if you don't pay attention at all because there's always something you'll catch up.
- Be early if possible. That way you can compare notes with classmates or make new friends.
- Schedule your school work per week, and very detailed.
- Don't be afraid of going to the library, that's the best place to focus.

- Don't eat pizza everyday.
- Make use of the salad bar.
- Don't waste your money if you have free meals at the dining hall.

- Lock your passport and money in a safety box.
- Remember to sign the I-20 before leaving.

- Text your mom everyday about your whereabouts and achievements.
- Text your friends and just talk about non sense.
- Skype with your grandparents at least once.
- Buy them gifts when you come back :)

There's was a point in the semester where I thought I was not going to make it, where I was considering changing majors, and where I could not just keep up with the work. However, I ended up with high grades and a very happy ending, considering the fact that I didn't change my major or had a failed class.
I also made a couple of friends, which is a very rare improvement for me. One of them is kind of close and I feel good about it. I still feel anxiety when it comes to hang outs or social events but I'm putting myself out there and that's the important thing.