Monday, December 2, 2013

Week #31: THANKSGIVING IN DISNEY! (11.25.13 - 12.01.13)

Monday was awesome because it was a pretty chilly day, I went to chemistry as usual and had a group activity. I grouped with Mark and Armando, we were the last group to finish I swear! But we were laughing about it haha. Highlight from chemistry class: Armando told me he missed me over the weekend, not in any romantic way but in like a friends/sisterly way and it made my self-esteem rise. I went to the library before calculus and did some problems for the homework due next week, there were initially 205 problems! Now I'm down to 130 and since half of this week I'll be with my family having fun I have the entire next week booked with all these homework problems.

On Tuesday I went to class as usual and we were dismissed 45 minutes before time so I headed to the library to do some calculus, I got stuck before the last topic because I got one problem wrong so as always: I'm as ready as I'll be. So I spent the rest of the day in Netflix and doing nothing, besides being excited that mom and Patty are coming tomorrow! I already took out all the boxes and bags that we need to load into the car and Kaitlyn already left for home so I have the room for myself tonight.

It's finally Wednesday! And I'm so excited because today's the day mom and Patty are coming! It's already half past 1 and I've done all my homework and gotten ready, I'm still waiting for my mom to call which should be soon. The waiting is killing me! It's been an hour since I last wrote (it's 2:30) and I've cleaned the suite, done my bed, finished packing, fixed the curtains, looked out the window, reviewed for my calculus test, and chilled a while while listening to some music (and yes, I'm still listening to The Beatles). And finally Patty called at 2:35! They are on their way so they'll be here in about two hours :) After my calc test I met with my mom and Patty, finally! And went to Orlando.

On Thursday we woke up at about 6 am and went to Magic Kingdom, we rode every ride we wanted to, we saw the parade and ate a turkey leg! It was really fun, we arrived at Disney at around 8:30 am and left at 8 pm, so we spent almost 12 hours at Magic Kingdom! After Disney we went to the black friday at Best Buy and got a parking right away, we had to wait on a two hour line though, to pay. I bought my Apple TV and a cool case for my iPhone; and my mom bought her Chrome Cast. After Best buy we went to Target and I bought some clothes, then we went to the mall just to see what stores were open and all of them were! So we stayed in the mall. Yet the greatest thing that happened was that I got a free Frozen Chocolate Banana! I was at the ice cream cart in front of Space Mountain and I was about to pay when the lady told me I didn't have to! Thank you lady that works at the ice cream cart in from of Space Mountain :)

We shopped in the mall all the way through Friday morning (3:00 AM), and we went to Old Navy, Forever 21, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Macy's. Since we shopped in the morning we had all late morning to sleep so we woke up again at 2 pm and went to Downtown since there was nothing else to do. We got some very yummy Hot Cocoas and shopped a little bit, I bought a Stitch fluff animal/pillow :D. We also went to a mini golf, a Hawaiian themed mini golf, and I won! I were going to do another course (there were two courses) but the Indian guy came very mad at us asking for the receipt right away and kicking us out... That's another reason I don't like Middle Easterns.

On Saturday we went to Island of Adventures at around 9:30 am, and we rode Hulk first, then we went to the Cat in the Hat part and took some pictures because Patty's quinceanos is Seuss' themed. We went to Harry Potter, and we ended up finishing the park at around 2 pm, so we decided to go to Universal Studios too. We went to Rock It and all the other rides, except The Mummy because it was close :( We also saw the parade which is a first for me because I've never seen it. I loved that everywhere you saw there were Minions, we also went on the new Transformers' ride which is exactly like Spiderman's...

On Sunday we went to the Outlet Mall and I got brand new luggage from Kipling! I also bought some clothes and we drove back to Tampa. We went to the Christmas Town in Busch Gardens and it was super fun because there were no lines! We rode every roller coaster twice and had a Christmas dinner (Patty and I ate mac and cheese with chicken fingers lol), and Mrs. Clause came to visit and sang with the kids. There was also a "SnowWorld" be Coca Cola and we did tubing and played with "snow" (crushed ice). It was super fun, and after that we went to Publix to buy me some food for the week. And the week finally ended, I'll miss my mom a lot but it's just two more weeks for me to go back home.