Friday, December 27, 2013

Week #35: MERRY CHRISTMAS! (12.23.13 - 12.29.13)

On Monday I literally spent my whole day in bed watching Avatar and I finally finished the whole series, it took me about a week to finish it. And well, that's actually what I did all day. I'm kinda sad because I haven't seen Rod as much as I'd like but my dad's here and I don't want it to be awkward.

On Tuesday I went to my grandpa's for Christmas Eve and we had turkey and arroz con wandu for dinner. It was funny because we saw two roaches in the fridge and Cristy as a phobia with roaches. One of them was dangling in her milk cartoon: hilarious. Also her christmas gift from our grandparents was money attached to a picture of a bug and she screamed not once, not twice but more than three times haha. I got a super gigantic TMNT from Patty! I'm so happy with my present, it's Donatello :) Also, Rod gave me a Nintendo 3DS game, Mario Kart. I wanted another ninja turtle, but it's okay, I liked his present. I got money from my grandparents and I hope all of them liked the presents I gave them. I gave my mom a blouse, my dad a thermos, my two aunts and my grandma christmas slippers, Cristy a sweater, Patty some leg gins, Jordan an Easy button from Staples, Luis a t-shirth, my uncle a set of juggling balls and I got my grandpa two pairs of Batman socks haha.

On Christmas day I spent the whole day at home, watching The Legend of Korra, I actually woke up at 2 pm so there was really not a lot of time to do much. I miss those christmas mornings when I woke up at sunrise and ran to the living room to find the tree full of presents and opening them all and playing all day long. Those were the happy days...

On Thursday I was suppose to go to Alex's but she bailed on me /: I had a date night with Rod at Friday's and it was like if I had fallen in love with him all over again. His weight loss is now visible and he was wearing one of the grown-up shirts I got him for his birthday. The date went smoothly and I was just charmed by him.

On Friday I picked up Patty and stopped by G de P to buy some props because I took the first part of Patty's 15th birthday photo shoot in El Parque Omar. My mom came with us as my assistant and we got some pretty awesome shots. After the photo shoot we went to our grandma's house for dinner and to see the photos. I learned something today: use flash to get rid of shadows in the face even if it's sunny. We had KFC for dinner and we ordered way too much, Apo tought Acun was staying for dinner but he had a meeting and she also thought Atai and her nanny would join but they had already eaten. So we were left with twelve cups of mashed potatoes for ourselves .-.

To see Patty's photo shoot: HERE!