Saturday, December 7, 2013

Robbed Twice This Week!

The nerve in people who steal, God! People should understand that money and food comes from hard work, I'm not having dinner because I scam people, or stole a bank; I'm having dinner because my dad worked hard for it.
I understand that it may be hard to get on your own two feet, and that it might take a while; but why the fuck would you steal a bike's cup holder?! That makes not sense! It's obvious that the robber was not poor because cup holders are not worth hundred and cannot be consumed, then why the hell put people through this and make them feel mad about something so useless?! I paid for that cup holder and I earned that money (actually my dad), why the hell would you steal something that is not yours?

I am so mad at the people who yet don't understand morality and the principles of humanity, who yet don't understand the sentimental value one could have with an item; who yet are so egocentric they don't think about other people, who yet are so... I could call those people a million names, but I am not to judge.

The world is messed up because of people like you.