Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week #33: FINALS WEEK! (12.09.13 - 12.15.13)

On Monday I woke up at 11 am to do tons of errands, I mailed my high school transcripts to Penn State, returned my books to the bookstore and stopped by the International Office to get my I-20 signed, unluckily the walk in hours to get the I-20 signed are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. After all my errands I went to the library, I literally just stared out the window and texted with Jose David and my mom. I feel so not confident in today's final (American Studies), but I hope I do well. I had an early dinner, a TropiChop from Pollo Tropical, I have a hate/love feeling for Pollo Tropical because I love their food but I feel so fat afterwards! :( I went an hour and a half earlier to the building of my final and I met this guy that was not really well prepared so I gave him my "packet", it's the second time someone calls my notes a "packet". I also finally met the guy that always sits nets to me in class, so sad that we got the courage to talk the last class. Anyways, I think I did good on the exam. All the stress has drained and I watched Jobs, the movie with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

I was supposed to study all day Tuesday, but I couldn't stay focused for more than 2 minutes, honest! I packed all of my stuff from my small luggage to the big one because I'm gonna do some Christmas shopping on Thursday. Apart from that, I've done nothing at all! Last night was a fun night, it's rare when I feel comfortable talking to my suite mates but last night I had a blast with my roommate and she just laughed away every time I cursed, or when I did my 'what the fuck!' impersonation of Abby XD. I spent the rest of the evening in Pinterest looking at Harry Potter jokes... I offered Patty three options for her birthday gift:
a) Something related to her birthday party (shoes, decoration, etc)
b) Whatever she wants under $60
c) A box full of goodies that I will personally confectionate
I really hope she choses option C hehe, I also asked her if she still wanted the outdoors photo shoot and she does, so that should be fun.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because my mind was overworking, thinking about every single thing. I tried reading, counting sheep, and every single position ever existed. I ended up sleeping a little past 3 AM to wake up at 6:15 AM! I went out at 6:30 to eat breakfast and the dining hall wasn't open until 7 AM! I had to wait in the cold, and yes, it was cold, for half an hour :( Anyway, I think I did good on the exam, I was really mentally prepared to fail. Hours passed and it was finally time for my calculus final, I got there early and hung out with Courtney. The exam was easier than I expected and I was the first to finish, there was only one question I didn't know what to do and the exam had 300 points out of 250 so that's a really good advantage.

All the stress is out and I had such a good night sleep Wednesday night, I woke up Thursday and went to Staples to buy some Christmas gifts. I also stopped by Target to finish buying Christmas presents. When I got back I finished packing, the luggage is 47 lb! That's the heaviest luggage I've ever packed. I'm sure I can lighten it up but I'm too lazy, maybe later. It was later and I decided to unpack what I thought was not needed and found nothing .-. I spent the whole day doing nothing really... The suite got so hot because Ricki left the thermostat in 75 and her door is locked now. I opened my windows and it was so refreshing, I would have left it open but I was scared somebody would have climbed up my window. Outside was around the 12 celsius and it was so chilly and cold :D Btw. I got a 72 on my chemistry final :( I still have an A-, but it makes me sad because I felt the test was kind of easy.

On Friday I woke up at noon and had my last lunch from Fresh Food Co. of the year. Also, Mr. Fleeman uploaded the grade for the calculus final and I got a 260/250! That's an A! My math average went up to the A-! I won't have a B this semester if everything goes well with American Studies. Armando and I went to Fresh Foods for dinner and after he came over and we watched a couple of movies, we had a really good time :)

On Saturday my alarm went off at 5 AM and I got ready for my flight back to Panama! We left at around 6:30 and everything went well, except the part were the passenger next to me was ab overweight woman whi was flooding my area :( it was me between the fat lady and the wall. Right now I'm at the Copa Airlines counter waiting until 2 PM so I can check in to then wait until 5 PM to departure. That's a total of 7 hours in this airport...