Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Here's a recap of the million things I did in 2013! And most of them were new and exciting. 

I went to college for the first time in FSU

I read 50 books this year. 

Rod threw me a surprise 18th birthday party!

Mom and I went to Orlando to visit the Harry Potter Land for the first time in Universal Studios. 

I went to Alaska and Seattle for the first time with the whole Siu Tribe. 

I filmed a music video with Alex. 

Rod and I went on a 3rd year anniversary date to my favorite steakhouse: Hacienda Real. 

I bought Full House's entire series (again). 

I drew Apo! Haha. 

Alex and I had a photo shoot. 

I had a farewell party before going to USF. 

I fed a giraffe in Tampa Bay Lowry Park Zoo. 

I went to a Bruno Mars concert with mom!

I went to my first college football game. 

I stand up paddled.

I skydived!

I bought a new camera and used it for the first time at the zoo. 

I donated blood for the first time.

I went to the beach twice with Armando.

I sent Alex a surprise package full of goodies for her birthday.

I went to my first Black Friday!

Back to the old days: I bought a Nintendo DS.

We planned a surprise party for Acun's 80th birthday!

I became obsessed with TMNT :)

I took Patty's 15th birthday photos.