Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #72: MORNING CRAMPS (09.08.14 - 09.14.14)

Monday morning has been by far the worst morning I've ever had din my whole life, the worst and most painful one! I woke up like normal and headed to the bathroom, after doing my business I returned to bed to sleep a while longer before actually having to get up but when I got comfy the lower part of my stomach was cramping really bad, I went to the bathroom again to see if I could just flush it out but there was nothing to flush, on my way back to my room I couldn't see a thing, I had my eyes open but kept seeing black with a couple of flashes of the real picture. I curled on the floor, undressed, moan in pain, I made it to bed again and all that was going in my mind was the fact that Courtney would be here in 30 minutes to leave her stuff because she was staying the night because her car got rear ended. I didn't even had the strength to take a peptobismol and I was sweating like if I had run a 10 k. Gradually the pain started decreasing and now I get why people tell you to sweat it out. I gathered strength when Courtney told me she was here and slowly walked to the entrance, I didn't show any sign of sickness but I was slowly un-dying on the inside. After a horrible morning, I had a Calculus III quiz, I was unsure about three, answered two of them and left one blank but besides that I think I did the rest just fine. I bought Pollo Tropical since I didn't even had the strength to cook or anything. As I mentioned, Courtney stayed the night and we had so much fun. I showed her my photo album, we made a funny video, and had a great time.

On Tuesday I tip-toed when getting ready because Courtney was still sleeping and headed out to my Physics Lab, I love labs because I feel so accomplished at the end of it. I had the most delicious Tilapia for lunch and also signed up for a flag football team! On my afternoon run I ran 11 MODERFREAKING km! That's the farthest I've run ever in my life and I'm so happy! I got a couple of positive comments on Facebook (from Teacher Rolando, Andrew and Javier) and that really brightens my day :) I planned on studying for my Discrete Structures after my run but who was I kidding.

My morning routine consists on waking up an hour and a half before my class, dress and go back to bed to wake up half an hour before my class, brush my teeth and leave. This morning those 55 minutes I got for extra sleep went by faster than ever, it felt as if I had slept only for 5 minutes! Anyway, I went to my Calculus III class and we got our quizzes back, I got 55... but then I noticed that because of one sign it messed up my whole quiz! So I went to his office hours with Ricardo and he bumped it up to a 70, either way we get one quiz dropped but I don't wanna be too confident either.  I'm also still on the bliss of my 11 km run and this is what I really love about running, feeling the runner's high and feeling accomplished for the next 48 hours or so.

Thursday I woke up and headed to the fishbowl to do some physics homework with Courtney, it was the longest and hottest walk ever D: But I was able to finish the homework as well as do an module for my jazz class that morning where I got a 100. I had my leftover pizza from yesterday for dinner and attempt to go on a run but my boobs hurt so bad when I ran because I'm on my period so I decided to call it off at 0.83 km, I felt bad for calling it off but I just couldn't run like that and I also read that only one long run is necessary per week and I already had mine so I took the evening to recover, watching some HIMYM.

Last night was the worst night in the dorm so far, I knew my little happiness bubble of having perfect roommates who made no noise would burst someday. I went to bed at around 3:30 am because Olivia had friends over and they wouldn't stop giggling or talking loudly. They left roughly around 3 am and I was so pissed because not even my Full House could cover the noise. This morning was no different, I thought the worst had passed and peacefully made my lunch but after I finished my lunch I heard the same voices coming through these paper-thin walls and there they were... The same friends making noise, and now it's worst because now I have to study and do homework and if the laugh of my neighbors distracts me and drives me insane what do you reckon will happen with this strangers over? So after doing my homework, neglecting my studying and relaxing with some Netflix I went for a short run, 5 k, and then came back to continue to neglect my studies... I think I'll do fine with Discrete Structures, what's really worrying me is Physics II. Also I forgot to mention that for lunch I tried this new 'superfood' called quinoa and pronounced keen-wah, and it was pretty good :)

On Saturday I literally just did my homework, tried to study, went for a short run and watched Netflix. End of story.

Sunday though, was an exciting day. So I signed up for a flag team here in USF! I missed the first practice since I signed up after it so this was the second one. I walked to Sycamore Fields and the minute I walk in they were already doing drills. What I didn't expect of this team was for them to have a coach, I don't even know where they got him from (I think it was the high school flag coach of some of the girls) and how they're paying him but it feels much better to have a coach and have somebody that knows all the technicalities. I prefer to play defense than offense, and I was put in the rushers position first, the rusher is the one that tackles the QB, then we switched and since I mentioned I used to be a corner they put me in corner. I didn't do much but I did overhear the captain saying I was a good rusher so that kind of made me feel good :) I finished my programming lab and right now I'm struggling on studying for physics... I know I'm gonna fail hard... And that I should be studying but I just don't like the subject and the professor and the way this class is being taught, also the book is huge so that obviously is a factor.