Thursday, September 18, 2014


I find myself judging people constantly while walking through campus. Judging their looks, the way they walk, what they're carrying or their facial expressions. Yet I always finish my judging with 'everyone has their own war'. One of my flaws is how judgmental I am, and it's becoming harder and harder to stop judging since I have to walk to every class, heck everywhere. When you are driving all you are paying attention to is the radio station and the jerk honking at you (*sigh, everybody has their own war). 

Where did I learn to judge people and qualify them against the norm of regular society? Where did I come up with such norms? People are judging me based on their norms too... It's just a vicious cycle. Will we ever stop judging and for just a minute see the good in each other?

Now I'm trying to fix my flaw, for every non intentional judgement I make on somebody I will think about an intentional compliment, and one day I'll be that guy/gal that walks to you telling you your hair looks pretty. 

Actually, I tend to judge on people with tattoos, I think that people change through time making something better out of themselves and a tattoo is a symbol of who you were. I honestly believe them to be anchors to your past, but that's just my opinion of course, not the regular norm for normal people. But today, I saw this girl with a Harry Potter tattoo, and I just couldn't help myself complimenting her and telling her I loved it. Yes... progress everybody.