Monday, September 22, 2014

Week #73: More Downs Than Ups (09.15.14 - 09.21.14)

Monday was a rough day, actually just an unlucky night... I went to my flag football practice and I felt kind of useless because they put me in the offense, I liked it but I honestly suck on the bright side I introduced myself to somebody and we started talking; we saw the Quidditch team enter the field and started laughing about them (sorry, I actually like Quidditch but I'm not a fan of real life Quidditch). After practice I went to do my laundry after a week and a half of my mom teasing me I was becoming Juan Diego, and the since I'm cheap I decided to throw everything into a single dryer to save one dollar, ONE MISERABLE DOLLAR; in the end all my stuff didn't dry a 100% through so I had to pay that one miserable dollar and wait for another hour. The rough part of the day was that it was already late, I was sleepy for once since it hasn't happened in a while and I couldn't go to sleep because I had to wait for another hour and then do my laundry.

On Tuesday I was pissed at Armando, he didn't know though but I clearly tried to make signals. The thing with Armando is that he thinks he knows everything on the class and on test day he gets a low grade, he brags about how easy it is and that is the part that bothers me... I was trying to make him know that that habit is not friendly by saying "oooombee" but he wouldn't get the clue. I mean, I like him and all but there's just that tiny small part that pisses me off. After class I went for a very long run, two minutes under two hours indeed. I ran 13 km! My farthest run so far but not for long. I love the runner's high five, since the other day when I high fived a runner funny things have been happening to me, specially with old people. That old lady on her back and this time an old man having his daily walk high fived me twice, I did a loop around the trail so he bumped into me at the beginning and then when I got out. After running I showered and hopped into a Bull Runner to the library, my intention was to stay there until I understood physics but who was I bloody kidding? I returned to my dorm an hour before midnight and read some Harry Potter to relax before a nice sleep. 

Wednesday was a stressful day, I had two tests: physics (yikes) and discrete structures. I died in physics, the last questions I kid you not, I guessed; I've never guessed on a test before. However, I feel I did good in discrete structures. I also went to the mail room to complain I haven't received an email for the package that arrived on Saturday supposedly from the tracking and they realized they made a mistake so I finally have my running belt! I'm seriously planning on making some running Youtube videos like the ones I've been obsessing with because they are really helping me, and I'm gonna start right after my 10 miler race. Wednesday night was heaven, no stress, no class the next day, and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I've never felt more grateful.

I had a really productive morning on Thursday, I finished my physics homework and the pre lab for next week; sadly I wasted my afternoon meeting up with a guy who I thought wanted to meet me to create a project but instead it was more of a not so scam but not really what I thought he meant. So I wasted my afternoon on that, I biked to Target afterwards and bought a couple of things I'll need for the coming Disney trip and came back to my dorm. I watched some Netflix and then the email I've been waiting for arrived, my grade in my first physics test which I knew was going to be low. I got a 68, I mean it's not as bad as I thought but the raw score was a 6/24, that's baaaaad. That must mean the average was low, thank goodness. Either way I feel really bummed... Whenever I fail in tests like these I feel I shouldn't be majoring in engineering... I'm really depressed right now, not as bad as last year but still... I know I can pass the class if I put work on it, it's just that I simply don't like the subject and the professor. As a way of procrastination I made a YouTube video about what I'm packing for the Disney race on October, I was really nervous but it's up and going (click to see). 

Friday was a really stressful morning, after not doing good on the calculus quiz I drove to Publix to do my weekly grocery shopping, I was running late on the way back so I had to add 15 more minutes to my rent then when I drove to leave the car at the parking lot I had forgotten my car rental car to lock and close the rent so I had to run from the MSC back to my dorm pick up my wallet bike back to the MSC and look the damn car. The rest of the day I just relaxed and finished my Discrete Structures homework as well as one of the Jazz modules. I was feeling really depressed just like last semester with Calculus II because I got a 68 on my first Physics exam, I called the only person I know would understand me, Alex, and then made up my mind and made a study plan. From now on I'll study Physics and Calculus weekly even if there's not a test coming soon. That calmed me off a bit but I still had the sadness within me.

On Saturday I woke up pretty late, well after noon. And all throughout the day I've been doing the Jazz modules, which I finished! All of them, i.e. I finished the whole class and I just have to do two discussion weeks plus a concert test. I also went on a run, I'm not proud of it but I've been feeling the need to taper since the big race is coming soon. I also got my grade for yesterday's Calculus quiz, and remember that I was pretty bummed? Well now I'm farther under the tremendous pit I've lunched myself upon... I got a 45, I know you get one quiz dropped... But I still feel like moving crap.

Sunday was a pretty chilled day, I just studied some Programming, watched some Netflix and read some Harry Potter. I also did my laundry. I call this a perfect example of a college girl's Sunday. Oh, I also had to drop flag because I really want to focus on my studies.