Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #71: TRAINNING HARD (09.01.14 - 09.07.14)

Happy Labor Day! So last night I spent the evening watching Youtube videos about Run Disney, and I'm getting all psyched, I also realized that I have only one month to prepare! I have one month to double up on my mileage and also to speed it up for speed requirement reasons, I mean, I'm good in speed but if I double up the mileage I feel I won't be able to keep up with it. Anyway, I did nothing at all on Labor Day, I was going to work some stuff for my online class but the class hasn't given out the access codes for week #5 and ahead, so I just did my pre-lab for next week and relaxed the rest of the day.

On Tuesday I only had one class since all labs were cancelled on Labor week, and it was pretty sweet to not have to wake up early. After class I went for a run following the new schedule I sketched since I realized what a long way I had ahead so I ran 8 km. My pace was acceptable, it means I won't get picked up if I run to that pace the whole race but I also don't want to be the last one. I also discovered that Netflix has uploaded a new season to one of my series, The League, which is pretty damn exciting.

I finished said series on Wednesday, that means I watched a whole season in one day (it wasn't a long season tho). Today a friend of Courtney's sat next to her on physics and it was kind of awkward being there and no talking to her because she was busy taking to her friend, so I turned to Michael and Simon and tried to make little conversation; as the class advanced Courtney and I started doodling on each other's notebooks and it's the funniest thing. After Discrete Structure's class in which Armando nor I paid any of our attention I headed back to my dorm and started on my Calculus III homework due December 11th... You may ask we I'm starting now, well I have around 5 to 6 homework's that average a 60 problem per homework so yeah, I realized I should start doing that. A fire drill went on while in my room and then my family face timed me! It was my mom, Tia Marilu, Patty, my grandparents and Tia Nitzia and Tio Dupin were there too because they were waiting for a Chung San Jr. meeting to start.

On Thursday I went to the library to find a spot for me and Court to do our physics homework but it was packed so I went to the fishbowl and started on my math homework before Courtney got there. We finished physics and by the time we got out it was raining. I went back to my dorm and headed to the gym, I decided to run in the treadmill because I really wanted to time myself and go at a set pace for a time set, I ran 9 km doing 3-1 intervals mostly with a couple of 5 minute breaks in between and I ran really fast. 

On Friday I went to my only class, did some homework and finished my day with relaxing yoga. 

The weekend was nuts, I was so busy the whole time. I had so much stuff to do, I finished my Discrete Structure's homework, finished my programming lab, did some math homework as well as practice for Monday's quiz. And I also went grocery shopping, which was a pretty fatal experience. I thought I wouldn't need a car since I had a lot of groceries on my fridge so I biked there, on my way back my bike's basket was really heavy and wouldn't stay put so I had to walk my way back holding the extremely heavy basket. It was piping hot and I was sweating like crazy and I felt so helpless because it's one of those occasion where you either do it or do it. I also went for a run on Saturday, a fast drill 5k, and a sweet lady said this to me "oh my, you are running faster than I'm riding my bike!" That really made my day. Also while doing my programming lab I realized how much I like programming, I really do. I like how you have to figure out the steps, information, and structure you need and how everything needs to be square clean. That reminds me of my cleanliness of files in my laptop and how everything has its place. I constantly remember how several people told me this could not be my thing, but I feel confident that I will prove them wrong; it's funny how your closest people sometimes don't know who you really are and what you really like. 
funny convo I had with Rod. 

my Minnie ears for the Disney race are here!