Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #70: FIRST WEEK AS A SOPHOMORE! (08.25.14 - 08.31.14)

Monday, my first day of classes after a long, relaxing summer was not that bad. I woke up early and had some cereal for breakfast. On my way to my first class, Calculus III, I was melting on the treeless sidewalk (reminder: never take that route again). When I got there I realized I was on the same class as Ricardo and Mark! I was so happy :) Our professor, Alain Etcherberry, had an hispanic accent and read through the latino names like they should be pronounced so I already have that keen connection with him; he's old and clumsy but I like him. After calculus I went to a shaded table in front of the fishbowl building where I'd have my second class and met up with Courtney and had lunch together. The programming class was cool, this is why I really like; at first I was kind of lost because our section has the lab prior to the lecture but I went through it just fine. Then it was physics time and I'm with almost the same people I was in my physics I class last semester including Courtney; the professor is young and it was kind of adorable seeing how nervous he was for this first class, he just kept sweating and sweating. Returning back to my dorm I ran into Kaitlyn and it was so nice seeing her. Then I went to my last class of the day, Discrete Structures, and the professor is the most boring one I've had (not taking into account FSU professor because that biology lady was just awful); she looked like Cristy haha and she just kept reading off the PowerPoints. On my way back a guy complimented my sunglasses (thank you) and I also ran into Armando! We only had like 3 seconds to talk but at that moment I realized that I really do have friends in here, people that know me and know they can count on me and this semester is going to be so different from the first one. I don't feel that lonely yet if I'm alone I'm totally fine with that.

You know how you always set yourself to start the year off with a good breakfast and a productive morning and gradually stop doing it altogether? Well, I broke the chain today, my breakfast/productive mornings just lasted one morning and that is actually pretty sad haha. I only had two classes: Physics Lab and Programming, a pretty nice day I may say. I was afraid I would get a tough professor for the lab because I had the greatest one last semester and which ever professor I get this one is obviously going to be less great than the previous one but besides the accent he seems ok. Programming class was cool, I really think I'm gonna like programming since I already finish the first lab and it was really fun; I'm happy I found something I like after weeks of frustration and searching. While in class when the professor was explaining the book we were gonna use I get a text from Armando: "Psst, you can find the book online for free". I looked around but didn't see him, and after class we just talked when we got out and we also had, well he had, chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and I hung out with him meanwhile. You know who also was in my programming class? Ahmed, that weird guy I met on my first semester who just turned out to be really weird and scary-friendly. He was sitting two rows in front of me and I really hope he didn't see me and I don't see him the rest of the term. After class I went for a run, and man am I out of conditions. I barely ran 5k and I did it in 50 so minutes I belief which is not baaaaaad, but I could've done better and now that the big race is coming I'm getting really apprehensive.

On Wednesday I didn't even go for the banana for breakfast, I went straight to class with my bottle of water. It's always fun to be in a class with Ricardo, he is just fun to talk to. For lunch I tried this recipe of 2 - ingredient pancakes, it turned out pretty good but they were sweeter than expected and I accompanied that with chicken. Then I had physics class and this Foley guy is the most boring professor I've seen and then off to discrete structures where the professor is even worse than Foley. I also realized that Armando is with me in Discrete Structures as well so that's fun :)

On Thursday I had an optional class so of course I didn't go, and that means that I have Thursdays free! Woohoo! I woke up around noon and made me a salmon salad (ehem, salmon and lettuce), I did my Discrete Structure's homework due next week, I met up with Courtney and did both of our physics homework's also due next week, I went for a run and ran 7 km! At first I was dying but at the end I felt as though I could have kept going, I only stopped because I was in front of the mailroom and I had to pick up some packages. My Harry Potter poster finally arrived, is a little smaller than I thought but it's awesome <3. I was so productive today, and running makes me feel so so good afterwards. It was one of those good days :)

On Friday I only had one class, which was Calc III so I headed there and as always had a good time with Ricardo. I went for the second run in a row after having a nice long phone call with my bff, it feels so good to be able to just talk to her :) Anyways, I ran 6.5 km and although it's not a lot I still feel good about myself because it's more than 5 km haha. I was also pissed a Rod the whole night because he wasn't texting me at all the whole day and next thing I knew he was a Kat's birthday party... he wasn't misbehaving or anything but the feeling of not knowing where he was and he just taking it so lightly pissed me off. I mean, he just told me as if nothing that he had a drink, took his shirt off (that he's never done in public, not even with me), and kept talking to Vivianne and Ambar to "entertain" them because they looked bored. I mean, I'd have been totally fine with that if he had told me he was going to a birthday party that evening... 

On Saturday I biked to Target, and oh boy was it a bad idea... I felt like ice cream on a hot summer's day which is partially true, it was a hot summer's day. I got a few groceries and personal hygiene stuff like q-tips and I planned on going to the super market afterwards but I felt so damn hot I didn't even want to look out the window. I skyped with Rod, after slowly letting the steam go the night before and it was all good. Also since I had not gone grocery shopping I decided to order some chinese delivery! Yum!

On Sunday I rented one of those USF cars for an hour and a half to go to the super market and did my groceries, I decided this semester to not buy a meal plan because I honestly think it would be cheaper to buy stuff and make it rather than pay to go to the food hall just to end up eating some place else. The meal plan costs between $1400 - $1800 depending on which meal plan you want and weekly I spend less than $80 so that multiplied by four months is much less than $1400 so I'm pretty glad I did the math before buying from impulse which is what I normally do. I also spend the majority of the day reading Harry Potter, re-watching HIMYM, I skyped with Rod too, and just before bed I started looking up Run Disney stuff to motivate myself.