Friday, June 7, 2013

Week #6 - My Alaskan Adventure (05/26/2013 - 06/02/2013)

The first day on the ship began with me and my cousins exploring its features; however, we ended up playing board games at the library because the ship was.. let's say made for old people and had no great entertainment. Our first stop was at Ketchikan, Alaska. Me and my two younger cousins went zip line in Bear Creek, while the rest of the family went on a crab-all-you-can-eat adventure. 

The second stop was on Juneau, Alaska; and we went to see the Mendelhall Glacier, to watch whales and eat Alaskan salmon. The glacier was really astonishing, at first I though a glacier was just a big piece of ice on a body of water, but it turns out is something a little more complicated and beautiful. Pitifully we were not able to see that much of whales, we only got to see a tail and a couple of backs. And at the end we went to a restaurant on an island and ate Silver Salmon, which was really yummy. 

Out third stop was on Skagway, Alaska; and this was a very fun experience. We went to a dog sled camp (not on the snow because those were around $500 per person). We rode a sled pulled by blends of Huskies, we played with the puppies and the older dogs, we got a speech about how it's like out there in the dog sled races and went home with a cup of hot chocolate in hands. 

Look at this dog's eyes! You may think they are blue, but I
zoomed in a little and they are really a light blue
kind of white! 
This puppy I'm holding is only 8 days old. The camp
let the puppies meet new people so that it is
easier for them to deal with vets and staff in
the real races.

And on the last stop we went to Victoria, Canada. Victoria is inside the island of Vancouver and is really really beautiful! The buildings, and parks are a perfect blend of modern and antique. That evening we went to The Butchart Garden. And is was really beautiful, I'll do another post specially for photos from this place. 

Alaska was a really fun place to travel, I never thought bears could walk so easily from there to here or that their towns were small and had an old friendly vibe. The craziest thing I learned was at the most one Wal-Mart per island!

I would definitely go again, specially with my family.