Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week #7 (06/10/2013 - 06/16/2013)

Monday started great because I woke up at 11:30 am compared to Saturday and Sunday when I woke up around 2 and 4 on the afternoon! Monday was homework day! I did my math homework at 1 am and in the afternoon I accomplished to do English. I hate English class... I like it if you only had to write essays and stuff, but when it comes to reading comprehension.. it just not suits me at all. I mean, is not that I can't do it, but it takes time and effort and those are not big qualities of mine. I finally came down... I started to watch The Bachelorette, this is the first season I've ever watch and I started because the majority of my series are done for the season and I desperately need something to watch. At the end I went to MMA and it was so great! I'm not sure if the teacher congratulates me because I did great or just because I'm the only girl in the class, either way I like those compliments because they boost my energy and focus. I also started reading a new book. When I was on the plane on my way to Seattle I started reading "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan, but as always I never read it throughout the trip because there are funner thing to do there. So when I came back I returned to my reading but found no interest, and that's why now I'm reading "Ten Tiny Breaths" by K. A. Tucker which so far is really good. 

Tuesday went better than expected. I'm always so disgusted by Tuesdays because they really are like my Mondays because I have Mondays free, so you kind of get me right? The thing is that although precalculus was crap, English was cool. The teacher let us out 1 hour before time and I got to come back home for a little break. I had to go back for trigonometry and well... let's say I tried to learn. This is how the topics change in this class: trigonometry - math related - career life - history - FOOD. It always ends with food! Is the professor hungry or something? Well, after that I came back home and it was the rainiest I've ever drove through. It was pretty scary because I had to change lanes and stuff. The rain wasn't that bad after a while, but I wanted to train a little on the rooftop and couldn't because of the wet floor. At 8:30 pm I fell asleep and woke up at 10:00 to fall asleep again. Lately I've been very sleepy and I don't know if that's a bad thing, because in psychology they taught us that if you don't sleep much or sleep too much you should see a doctor.

Wednesday I put an alarm at 10:00 am, to fix my sleeping problem. I pressed snooze until it was 11:00 ha ha. The maid came today to clean up the house and spent over an hour cleaning my room! My room hasn't been cleaned in ages, and well she did a great job. I also created a new blog: which has self written work. I also started watching Necessary Roughness, just because John Stamos appears on it. Okay... I admit it, I have a HUGE crush on him. I love it when you start a series and it's on its 3rd season or something, and you just see episode after episode all in one day or as many as it takes. Also I got my dorm changed! I was first assigned to Castro Hall (University of South Florida) which is a traditional style, and now I'm in Delta Hall! which is a suite style. I just can't stand the chance of sharing my bathroom with a whole floor.

Thursday was strange, I woke up
before my alarm but after taking a shower I felt sleepier than ever. My first period was awesome, because we solved the homework on the board and it wasn't boring at all because I was trying really hard to understand. English was also awesome, besides the part when I discovered we had a quiz 10 minutes before the class. Well, it was awesome because the professor let us out one hour and 30 minutes earlier! And the positive vibe kept coming when the trigonometry professor didn't put the quiz scheduled for that day. At the end of the day I went out on a date with my bf to my favorite Mexican Restaurant ("La Mexicanita" in Panama is situated in El Dorado). Also I found a green juice recipe. I'm not a fan of veggies, and I was watching It's Judy's Life (YouTube Vlog) and her husband is like an organic maniac and has a YouTube channel of recipes and stuff; and I found the green juice video, so I'll definitely do that to stay healthy. 

Friday was errands day, bummer. I went to two banks, and spent more than 4 hours in them. I had to update my accounts because I'm not a baby anymore and I need adult accounts. The ladies who took care of us were nice but the waiting line was horrible! After that we stopped by the supermarket to buy my green juice ingredients, what happened? A disaster. The thing is, here in Panama, they don't sell fresh spinach everywhere so I had to buy canned spinach. And it was horrible, oh my God :S And throughout the day my muscles have been screaming with pain. Not bad pain, but pain from the workouts. At the end something really awesome happened! At mma I had my first combat, and I think I won! It lasted only a couple minutes because it was just a test. 

Saturday was a really fun day with my mom. We went shopping and bought a father's day gift for my grandpa. We bought him a pair of shorts, plaid ones; I wanted to buy him some red ones but he'd never use them, sigh. After that, we went to Blockbuster and rented a bunch of movies. Today I watched The Watch, starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. I though it was a comedy but it's more of a hmm alien/comedy/action movie. My mom and I are planning to buy my dad a tablet for father's day! He's never wanted something expensive because he feels like it's a waste of money, but mom and I just want him to feel special on his day. At the end of the day mom, dad and I went to an Italian restaurant: "Los Toneles" (situated at El Dorado, Panama. And has been renewed.). Mom had raviolis, dad had fried rice with seafood, and I had a pepperoni pizza. Usually our conversations at the table when we go out to dine are super awkward, but today was cool because it had a flow. We talked about when I'll go to college in August, about a future trip to Asia, among other things. I love my dad, he is awesome. 
And oh yeah, there's a party downstairs, like 9 floors down, and I can hear it like it's in my living room. Tonight's gonna be a good night, not. 

Happy Father's Day! Sunday was a lay back day. Mom and I went to buy dad's new tablet! Which will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday because they where out of stock. We also did some grocery shop and I bought again the ingredients for the green juice but this time I bough fresh spinach (had to go to a different super market). I did it and it turned out all right (Note to self: peel off the apples because the skin does not blend well. I also added a little bit of orange juice to camouflage the spinach flavor). And for dinner the whole family gathered and we had Chinese, where I ran into my favorite uncle. He's quite young for being an uncle and we used to go to the movies together. He's distanced himself for a couple of years now and I do miss him, but whenever I see him I feel that uncle to niece spark we've always had. At the end of the day we went to my grandpa's house to see the pictures we all took in a big screen with a projector. It was fun, I love to spend time with my family; if only some of them would like that too, sigh.