Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week #9 (06/24/2013 - 06/30/2013)

On Monday I had to wake up early to go to the US Consulate to issue my student visa (F1). I spent about an hour and 45 minutes in there. It was torture because they don't let you enter with electronic devices and stuff, and you just had to sit there and wait and wait and wait. I did some of my homework in the meantime but not too much. After the errands I finally came back home and guess what? The electricity fell down! It was raining heavily and even a tree fell down in my street on top of a couple of cars. I stayed without electricity for about 4 hours! When it came back I thought it was all good, but I still had no internet. So I put on a movie to distract me from the madness, The Incredible Hulk. I don't know if it was the first on or the second one, but at the end there was a scene with Tony Stark in it! I love Tony Stark. Then the internet got back again and I continued watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, which I was interrupted when the electricity first fell. And after ten minutes watching it the internet falls again! Un-fucking-believable! I'm going nuts with no internet. I can't believe we have fallen in such a need of electricity. It’s 9:45 PM and I’ve been going in and out my room and where the modem is, resetting and turning on and off. NOTHING. I’ll have to wait until morning and watch my series at FSU.

Tuesday did not start with a morning from hell, but I still didn’t have internet! Precalculus was tremendously boring, and started a little bit confusing. The professor started talking about cones and we ended up doing parabolas? There must be a connection but I am not seeing it. At noon I went upstairs to connect to Wi-Fi and finish my Kardashian’s episode from Sunday, but had trouble connecting to the internet! Gosh! I’m stressing out so much! I can’t live without internet. So frustrating! After about fifteen minutes trying and trying I got it to work, and finally saw the whole episode. When classes finished I gave Kevin a ride home and we stopped by Lung Fung. He bought me some snacks, but I don’t like Chinese sweet bread, so I gave it to my mom. When I got home I still had no internet! So I made myself a smoothie, since I had nothing else to do.

Also because I have banned soft drinks from my house following Rod’s lead. I made a blueberry-strawberry-banana smoothie. The first time I did on was ok, but this one was really yummy! I blended half a cup of frozen blueberries, half a cup of frozen strawberries, one whole banana (next time I’ll use half a banana), one cup of milk and three spoons of white sugar. The trick I made this time was that I added no ice. Last time I added two handfuls of ice and the smoothie was kind of bleh, but this time without the ice it was really smooth and a little cold due to the frozen berries. Gosh! It’s good enough that I have no internet, but the internet keeps teasing me appearing for 1 minute and disappearing the next hour! Finally got hold of Cable Onda (my internet, cable and phone supplier), and guess through where? Twitter! Mom has been calling all the afternoon and with a simply Tweet I got hold of them. Such a bad service. Changing subject, outfit for the night: Gap Jacket, K and K Jeans, Toms, and my Michael Kors purse. I went to Albrook Mall to watch “Man of Steel” with Rod. I rumble through three outfits to end up with a super casual wear. My
thoughts on the movie: cool but not so cool. It was a little bit boring and lacked some story and action. The actor himself, Henry Cavill, was not that hot either. I came back home around 10 PM and the car ride was a little awkward because Rod's mom waited for us 20 minutes outside of the mall because she had not cellphone with her, so Rod and her had an awkward silent dispute. Finally home and still no internet. Guess I'll have to wait until the Cable Guy arrives :(

I've been on PJs all day! Woohoo!
Wednesday! The internet is back! I survived two whole days without internet and cable. I woke up, played Hay Day, ate fried chicken for lunch and for dessert another smoothie! I feel so healthy drinking a home made smoothie with real fruit and milk. One big milestone accomplished today: something to do with a law permitting same sex marriages in I belief California! I'm so happy for all gay people over there having the chance of marrying the one they love. I also finished the book "Falling Into You" by Jasinda Wilder Tuesday night I think or was it Monday night? Anyways, I give it 3.5 stars because the sex parts where just too long and descriptive, I mean, just tell me they had sex and maybe a little detail but that's it. Don't describe it like I wanna know to try it out on my own... Mondays and Wednesdays are the days my maid comes to my house to clean up, and first thing I noticed when I came back to my room? The toilet paper was not the way it's supposed to be. The maid replaced the old toilet paper with a new one and put it the wrong way. And there's no MMA this week because MAFA is moving its facilities to another establishment in Plaza Mirage. Man, I'm so tired of doing homework. Shouldn't college be like homework is optional and it will show results in tests and papers? So so sick of doing so much homework, specially about English. Thank God I'm not going to be a journalist or something like that, I would kill myself with homework about reading comprehension and stuff. And I still haven't figure out what to buy my mom for her birthday, which is tomorrow. She's turning 53! And then on Friday is my Aunt Marilu's birthday, and on Tuesday of next week is Cristy's birthday! Week full of birthdays. 

Another Thursday, 8 more days of classes to go until the Summer Term ends! We are more than half way the term! I got a 84 in precalculus, not bad but not  what I really expected. At English the professor let us way before it was time to go and also told us that by next week if we turn in the last two homeworks and last two essays we can dismissed ourselves from the course! That means I can finish with my English course like 3 or 2 weeks before it's time! I love that professor, although I dislike the subject. I felt pretty productive at lunch time. I went up stairs, bought to mini pizzas and did my English and precalculus homework! Since I finished early I went to Dorianne's to hang out for a while before trigonometry. At trigonometry I payed no attention at all and did some problems from the book instead. The book is so much better than this professor. Before coming back home I stopped by Arrocha and bough something for my mom for her birthday. I bought her one of those make up bags and filled it with dark chocolate, I also printed the pictures I'll be taking to college at Tampa, and bough a little make up bag for myself too. For dinner I had fried chicken again /: and a half portion of my nutritious fruity smoothie because I was running low in milk, in fact I finished the carton. Late at night I watched some videos from Science ASAP from YouTube, one about weight loss; and it mentioned that it helps if you count your calories, so that's what I'm going to do from now on. Thursday's total number of calories consumed was: 1386. Based on a calorie calculator I found on the internet I should eat about 1900 calories per day. 

Friday is usually my lay back day, but this Friday I went and did a favor to my grandpa. Some important people from Chung Zhang (Canton, China) came to visit Panama, and since my grandpa is the President of the Chung Zhang association here in Panama he had to be there, so he asked me to help him and tale pictures. We arrived 1 and a half hour early at the airport and waited (in the meantime I did my first Instagram video which is down below), my grandpa had this whole arrival thing schedule and prepared with banners, flowers and thought about every shot I must take. Of course it didn't go the way my grandpa wanted. He was pissed at first but then he recovered. After that we went to Golden Unicorn to have a little bite to eat since it was 3 in the afternoon, oh God I feel so bad eating so much food. After that we came back to my grandparent's and I ran into my little cousin Patty, and we spent the rest of the evening talking, watching Youtube videos and I tried to help her with her homework. For dinner we went to Lung Fung and my mom brought me some clothes to change into since it was kind of a formal-casual dinner. I wore a floral dress with leather booties from Forever 21. I am so disgusted of Chinese food, I ate it for Father's day, for my aunt and mom's birthday, for this dinner, and I'll eat it again on Sunday for Cristy's birthday. This dinner was really fun, I talked a lot with Rafa's (Rafael Martinez) grandpa and also with my dad. I told my dad about the scholarship granting me with in-state tuition, and he was blown away! Like Rod said, there's nothing that can make a dad happier than telling him something is going to be cheaper than it's original price. When I came home, finally, I went straight to bed falling asleep while watching E News.