Monday, June 10, 2013

To The Greatest of All:

Recently I went on a family trip to Seattle and Alaska. This may be one of the last trips we take together. My family is pretty close, we are 13 in total. That includes my parents, my two aunts, my uncle, my grandparents, my five cousins and me. This may be one of our last trips together because my grandparents are getting old, and the older you get the less chance you get to do stuff like walking the whole airport or touring through town. 

I never saw my grandpa the way I saw him on this trip. He always seem strong to me, he was able to build things in his wood shop and repair his house while taking care of everybody. But this trip he always stayed back saying he wouldn't be able to finish a tour because of the distance you had to walk. One of the things I hate and admire at the same time is his pride, because of that he denies help and misses on a lot of family quality time. We did had great moments. I do love that he is so childlike and fun to be with, and just thinking about it makes me smile. 

I am very grateful we made this trip, because although he missed some things I was able to realize I won't have my grandpa or grandma with me forever. My children may not even meet them. And they are truly the coolest grandparents you could ask for. I hope this is not the last trip we make together; but if it is, it was a great one.