Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm Kinda Into Photography #6 - Seattle: The Rainy City

I didn't do much in Seattle, I basically just went to the Public Market, the Space Needle and its surroundings and stayed at a hotel downtown. I'll let the shots speak by themselves. 

This is the FIRST STARBUCKS CREATED IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I'm not really a fan of Starbucks, but I sure love their mugs and souvenirs hehe. This Starbucks is in Pike Street and was packed, thank God when I was about to buy the line to the cashier disappeared. 

Here is the bag that stores the mug I'm using right now to hydrate me. 

This musician was playing outside of Starbucks and was really really good! I even recorded him. I admire so much those musicians that spend their lives playing on streets and making a living, while living their dreams. Have I ever told you that if career and money didn't matter I would definitely  be playing my saxophone on the subway or streets of NYC? 

I'm not a fan of seafood, but these crabs looked so good. 

Here are some lobster tails. You may not notice but these tails were huge as well as the scallops behind them. 

I have no idea what kind of fish is a monk fish, but this was surely hilarious. 

Here is the famous throwing of the fish at the Public Market. 

The must have picture of the Public Market sign from the left. 

And the must have picture of the Public Market sign from the right. 

There was a homeless guy with his dog being recorded by some random guy. I'm curious about the type of video he's making and I really kind of want to see it. 

Here is the view of the Space Needle from the monorail on a really sunny day. My days in Seattle were not at all rainy. 

Another view of the Space Needle from the entrance. 

My mom pointing to the Space Needle. I don't really see the point of it.. you go up and see what you see when you are down. Okay.. I understand is a view from a high level, but it'snot really that high. 

This museum was full of glass sculpture, and it was really beautiful. This place is just beside the Space Needle. 

Zoom in of the previous picture. 

We also went to the EMP Museum near the Space Needle, which shows science fiction, rock and pop culture related stuff. There was not really any pop culture exhibit, but the rock exhibit was really awesome if you are into rock or are an instrument player. 

This is the original suit from Superman. 

An instruments sculpture at the entrace of the rock exhibit.  You might just see guitars but there are  drums and keyboards somewhere in there.