Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week #8 (06/17/2013 - 06/23/2013)

August is coming, and I'll be leaving Panama. At first I was, and still am, so excited. But when I think about my mom and dad, and my family; I will miss them so much. That's kind of taking the edge of my excitement. On Monday I woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon. I spent almost the whole night finishing "Ten Tiny Breaths" by K. A. Tucker which I absolutely loved. The end was so shocking. I kind of new something was up, but never imagined that would've happened. I give it 5 stars, because I really loved it. When I finish a book I suffer a reading hangover (when you are still into the previous book and can't move on to another one). I love these love stories so much, I fall in love with every guy, every story and their past. What I like most about reading is getting into the part when everybody spills out their past. Moving on, I have spent three hours watching series (Keeping up with the Kardashians and Necessary Roughness), and YouTube videos. Last weekend I was trying to convince my mom of buying a Wii U, it was a huge mistake when I bought the PS3 because I really don't like those kind of games. What I love are the fun and silly games Nintendo releases. However, my mom denied my proposal. If I still want it by Thanksgiving I'll buy it on Black Friday. Right now I'm in Season 2, episode 5; and I'm falling in love with Matt and Dani's relationship. I decided to miss MMA, I'm kind of not in the mood and I haven't finished (neither started) my precalculus homework. I'm sick of being so flaky when it comes to discipline, but I guess that's just who I am. Turned out the Sensei didn't make it on time, so I guess I saved what would've been a waste of time :) It's not the first time that I get something out of laziness.

I feel like dying every Tuesday morning, I literally just want to drop this semester and do nothing until Fall. My bf came to my house and we played Monopoly, watched TV, and kind of just chill out. I have nothing to tell from Tuesday ha ha, it's been very boring.

I don't know why I keep trying to wake up early on my free days when I know it's not going to happen. Wednesday I set up my alarm at 8:30 AM and ended up waking at 12 in the afternoon. Although I woke up pretty late, I got to finish both my precalculus and my trigonometry homework before 2 PM. I just discovered that University of South Florida has granted me an in-state tuition fee, instead of an out-of-state because I received an International Student Scholarship. That's awesome! Now instead of paying $15000, it's $5000! That's so crazy. I thought about exchanging to a more recognizable university, but at this price I don't see that coming. I was very insecure with my choice to go to Tampa. I mean, it's not a well known institution, but it's taken me months of confidence speeches to myself to be comfortable with my choice. I know I'm judged by grown ups every time I tell them where I'm going, but it's not like I'm rich to go where ever I want. I started a new book, giving up on my reading hangover of the last book. I'm now reading: "Falling Into You" by Josinda Wilder. So far it's been a little bit boring, but the start is always a slow process. At 5 PM I went for a run on the rooftop, gosh! I'm so out of shape! I only ran less than 3 KM. I feel so bad about myself. I always leave my English homework for the end of the day, because I know I'm capable of doing it quick enough to go to sleep and if I get stuck I can make up something random and leave it like that. But this homework has turned out very difficult and it's for the next day. I'm really worried, even my friends are confused. So far I hate ENC 1102. I dislike everything that has to do with reading comprehension and reasoning and blah blah blah. 6 and a half weeks more and Summer Term is finally over! Off to college (real college, not like a community college)! I really am excited and stressed at the same time, because for me to get there I have to accomplish what I've started.

Although I had a bizillion stuff to do for Thursday, it was a more relaxing day than Tuesday. I had one test, one midterm, one quiz and two homeworks  I did great on my examinations, and stayed up late finishing my English homework. I did my trigonometry homework at school two hours before it's due, because I didn't know we had one assigned. At lunch I went to my car and tried to get some sleep, I even brought a pillow. Yes, that's me: forever alone. On my way back home I bought a fro-yo (banana and strawberry) and stopped by the bank to deposit my refund from the course I dropped ($693.00). I also pumped some gas because I was running low, and had to pay with cash because I wasn't sure how much money I had on my visa. Thursday was a REALLY productive day, and it wasn't even 3 o clock! A few days ago a started playing Hay Day again on my iPad. IT IS SO FREAKING ADDICTIVE. I can't stop playing. And my mom, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, even my grandma plays it. Thursday and Wednesday have been so frustrating because I don't know what's the matter with my internet but I can't load Necessary Roughness' next episode, I'm right at the middle of Season 2 and the curiosity is killing me! Also some YouTube videos get stuck in the middle, and from the anger I just close them. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. At night my bf came over and we just hung out, chilling and talking about life.

Finally Friday! A day to relax and prepare for the weekend :) Just finished catching up with Necessary Roughness and finally got to the episodes where John Stamos appears! From now on, I won't be addicted to watch episode after episode. I'm back to my regular weekly scheduled series. It was also revealed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is named North West, are you serious? That sounds like an airline or something. From so many names that rhyme with West, they go with North... Also, my best friend Alex came over (not really, I had to pick her up at church) we hung out and talk, and watched YouTube videos. I love that girl, I will miss her when I go :)

On Saturday me and my mom went to lunch as always at LeƱos y Carbon, Multicentro. We ran into my grandma's club friends, Linda and Casey. At lunch I told my grandparents about the grand savings I'll get from the scholarship and they were shocked! I haven't told my dad yet because he's not here. He just entered this new schedule of two weeks in the outskirts of town and for free days in the city, I am so excited to tell him. Around 2:30, mom went to a new hotel at Albrook Mall that was hiring people. The hotel was hiring minimum wage staff, but mom went to see if she could get something higher. When my mom came back she said that the manager asked her to come back on Monday so that the event's manager could take a look at her! I'm so excited for her, because she left her job to raise me, and she's done hell of a job.