Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Sunday (6/30/2013)

Today mom and I went for lunch with my grandma and great grandmother to Multiplaza Mall. They ate at Crepes and Waffles while I ate chicken tenders from Carl's Jr. I know what you are thinking.. "How lame, you could have eaten a sophisticated crepe but chose mediocre chicken tenders". The thing is: I've always been like that. Choosing crappy food over luxurious one. After lunch we went and bought Cristy's birthday cake at Dairy Queen (Oreo Blizzard), then we stopped by the tech store to pick up dad's new tablet (which is totally a surprise) and finished our outing going to the super market. 

When we got back home mom went to charge the new tablet while I read my new book: "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire which is turning out pretty good. Right now I'm about 50% of the book through and don't know how is it going to develop because there has been so much drama in this half of the book. Also the girl is finally with the guy who she's supposed to be, at the middle of the book. I have no idea what's coming ahead. 

At 6:30 we went to a Chinese Restaurant in celebration of Cristy's 23! The menu was kind of put together by her, so there was a lot of green stuff. Everybody showed up at the dinner, including my dad, Luis and David (Cristy's boyfriend). We had a nice time and specially enjoyed the birthday cake, yummy!

When we came back home we gave dad our present! He was so so so excited! I though he was going to be mad because we spend so much money on him, but he was actually thrilled to have a new toy. We spent about hour and a half installing his games, e-mail, and else. He was smiling the whole time, so happy we got him that; specially now that he is working on the mines and has nothing to do and no way of contacting with us. I miss him so much :( But I'm happy we got to put a smile on his face tonight. 

I'll miss my pop so much when I departure for college, and my mom too. Poor mom, she'll be alone at home, and dad alone at work, while I'll be alone at college. Either way we'll make it through.

I loved this day, primarily because of dad's face when he got his present. Life's not about presents and objects, it's about the joy that comes out of them, or out of anything. Material things are not bad ways of happiness, but is another source capable of giving us joy.