Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poem - "I Felt Alone, Then I Stood"

This is a poem I posted in my other blog Underground Poetry and is about how I felt when I was younger. I felt that I didn't fit anywhere because of who I was, and to be able to have a social life I needed to change. Now, I see that being who I am is the only way to make long lasting friendships and relationships. It brings me to tears the way children and teenagers have to learn that lesson by being bullied, or pressured into being someone they are not. I reread this poem every once in a while because it gives me confidence in knowing that what I'm doing is the right thing, and what I'm doing is simply being myself. Always stay true to yourself.

I felt alone in a dark room
where all eyes were on me
I tried to stand up, but slipped
and then everybody laughed

I feel embarrassment of living in my own skin
I feel alone because  nobody would love me
The problem is: I love who I am
And even if I get days like this, someday...
I will stand

I will stand tall with nothing to fear
I will surpass whatever you think of me
I may fall again and get punched in the face
But I will never give up on being who I am

You've bullied me enough, to the core you don't know
You got in my head and pretended nothing's wrong
You showed your pretty face while smiling away
Telling secrets of mine, leaving a scar behind. 

That scar will forever remain in my heart
You once were my friend, but now you're just a liar
I have stood in front of you for you to see
Nothing can scare me, not even my darkest dreams.