Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4:25 AM

On 4:25 AM of Sunday 18th I woke up. I have prepared for this day years ago (and when I say years I mean more than 5). I was feeling excited but not as much as I would feel for a leisure travel, I was very nervous. I got washed and was ready. On our way to the airport it was really foggy, and drizzling. At the airport I said my good byes to my dad and went in side to get in line. While in line Alejandra calls asking where I was, she told me a couple of days before that she'd come to visit me. I never thought she would actually go before 6 AM to an airport just to say goodbye, but she and Zhanzhy came to say good bye. The plane ride was really empty and there were no screaming children compared to my February flight to Orlando. We even had the spot in the middle empty, so it was Max's seat. I slept and read the whole flight. I arrived and we went directly to Panda Express (my favorite restaurant in the US). I ordered my usual: Noodles and double portion of broccoli beaf. After lunch we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy my bed sheets but they were out of the ones I wanted so we went to Tampa. A two hour drive. There were 3 traffic jams due to 3 car crashes. One was off the road in the woods up side down! I finally arrived at 5:30 PM and we bought the bed sheets. I went to USF. My first time in USF. And I checked in. There's no lift in Delta so I had to carry my bags one floor. First day in Tampa: Success. Rest of the days I'll be here in Tampa: Beyond Success.