Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Bike Adventure

On Saturday morning I decided to bike out of campus to a place called "Pro-Copy" because that was the only place that sold the manual for my Chemistry Lab class. I google mapped my route and went. It wasn't so hard finding the place. I just drove through Holly St. and made a right turn, then a left turn and the place was on the right side. I chained my bike to the handicap sign, hope that's legal, and went in a bought my stuff. Then, since Subway was just next to Pro-Copy I decided to stop for lunch. I had a turkey breast sandwich and an orange soda. My bike was making weird noises the whole time, not a *clack* like before but a continuous rusty sound. So I decided to stop by Target and buy a new bike - yeah I know, drastic decision-. Also I had to make it before 4 PM because of the game. I stopped by a Starbucks so I had a safe place to google map. I typed "Target" and did not find the one I always go to. I remembered there was a Walgreens in front of the Target so I typed Walgreens. And before I remembered that there were several Walgreen's in the area I went for it. Before halfway the route I took to go to the Walgreen's I realized that I was getting farther rather than closer so in the middle of the sidewalk I decided to google map it again. And I found the one, it is located in "University Plaza" in Bruce B. Downs St., which does sounded familiar so I changed my route. After about 15 more minutes I reached Target! I rode about over half an hour through the outskirts of campus, INSANE! And this was my first bike adventure.