Friday, August 23, 2013

Week #17 (08/19/2013 - 08/25/2013) - First Week in Tampa

You can read about Monday and Tuesday HERE

On Wednesday I went to the international check in, and guess what, they were more lectures! Oh my God so boring! After that my mom and I went for lunch at University Mall, I ate some Chik-a-fila, I partially ate it because Grace told me it was her favorite restaurant. I ordered some chicken nuggets. After lunch we went to T-Mobile to get my phone. I chose T-Mobile because it was so much cheaper than Verizon, although Verizon's coverage is better I won't be living here forever so I'm okay with a so so coverage. T-Mobile also as this no-contract plan, which comes in very handy for when I leave for summer. After T-Mobile I stopped at Staples to burn some time, I got Patty some One Direction stuff. Then I stopped by Target to buy my bike! I chose a red one because the other ones were bigger. We had dinner in Chili's and I ordered a hmm I forgot the name but it was kind of a fried steak, like fried chicken, with a corn cob and mashed potatoes. I came back to my dorm and met my two suite mates, Olivia and Abby. I was sad that my roommate wasn't here yet, but I started unpacking. I finished and then I spent the night in my laptop until Kaitlyn came! Finally, I like her a lot. The night before I left her some "suspiros" in her bed with a note and the next day she also wrote me a note saying how sweet I was! That really helped with my nervousness. We talked until 1 AM, and we also were forced to because our suite mates had over 10 people over at their room! They were talking really loud and with music and everything, we were really discomforted with that but didn't said anything because we don't want to be like the mean and grumpy roommate. At 1 AM Olivia, our suite mate, came over begging for one of us to go to her room and tell everybody that we wanted to sleep and couldn't because of the noise. The thing is, those people randomly followed Olivia and Abby and they got inside their room and just hung out, Olivia and Abby didn't even knew those people. It was so funny, and that, was how my first night with my roommate went.

On Thursday we woke up around 9 AM to get ready for the class picture. We were really quite and it was a little awkward but anyways, we headed out for the picture. We were suppose to meet with the people from our hall but when we went outside nobody was there so we went to the MSC because Abby told us that Olivia saw a whole lot of people waiting over there. The thing is that when we got to the MSC it was packed, yes, but with other kind of people; people taking campus tours. We went ahead and headed back to our hall when we bumped into another guy from Delta named William, he was also lost. We started heading back home and we bumped into two other people, an RA and a girl named Brianna. They showed us the gathering for Theta but we decided to check out on Delta's gathering spot again. When we got there there were a couple of people so we waited there with them. When it was time to go we found out that the Delta people where waiting in our hall lobby in the air conditioner, snap! Anyways, we walked all the way from our hall to the football stadium which is behind the Sun Dome, and it was a long walk by the way. We seated in the benches for about half and hour to an hour doing chants and school spirit related stuff. Katlyn and I got in the U, specifically the left upper corner. After that we met with some of Kaitlyn's friends, Tori and Jess and we went for lunch. Tori didn't make it so it was just Kaitlyn, Jess and I eating at Fresh Food Company. Jess wasn't really hungry she just needed water. Btw. A lot of people passed out in the class picture because of the sun, thank God I didn't because I could have passed out because I didn't ate breakfast that morning. For lunch I had salad! I can't believe I had a healthy lunch, I feel so proud of myself. And I also drank only one soda, and a lemonade but the lemonade it's considered to be somewhat healthy. After lunch I went to the Tech Department to install Microsoft in my laptop, and that service was full at the MSC so I had to go all the way to the library. I went in my bike, and it was making a really weird sound so I felt kind of out of place riding it because everybody was looking at me. When I finally arrived at the library I went up to the sixth floor and got my Microsoft installed. After that I went with my mom to the mall to pick up my phone at T-Mobile. I got a black iPhone 5 :) After that we went to Target to buy some more ramen and a cereal box. We went to the hotel to wait for dinner time and at dinner time we went to Sonic. It was the first time I've gone to a Sonic and it was pretty cool. And after dinner I went back to my dorm, Kaitlyn wasn't here so I watched all my YouTube videos, while Olivia and/or Abby were blasting country music -.-' thank God it was only like a couple of songs.

Friday I woke up to the alarm of Kaitlyn. It was 11 AM and I showered. Hamza texted me and I told him to meet up with me but he was already at Fresh Food Company and I was still unshowered so I showered and went to lunch with Kaitlyn and Jess. I also met Josie and Amanda, Jess's roommate. We ate lunch in Juniper-Poplar Dining, I prefer Fresh Food though. After that I went to the Student Services Center to ask about my scholarship but in line I checked just to make sure if there were any changes and there were, good thing I checked. So from 8000+ I now owe 3000+. After that I came to my dorm and received a text from Hamza, the guy I texted with before coming here, and he told me to come over so I walked up to Lambda. His hall is really really small and so is his room. I met two of his suite mates, Mike and another name I don't remember, they were coming from the gym. Hamza told me he hadn't eat lunch yet, he told me that when I asked him to meet up earlier he was talking about breakfast, not lunch. So I accompanied him. He first wanted to get his student account open so I went with him, before getting there he said he needed to go get his cellphone all the way to Lambda... So I was a good sport and went with him. While we were walking I was trying really hard to make conversation but he shut me down in every topic.. which was really awkward. He walked really fast and when I told him to slow down he told me he walked fast because he was an athlete. I had to ask him to walk slow 3 times. I also asked him if he was going to go to the women's soccer game and he said no because he played better than them.. jerk. When we got to the credit union I went and bought myself a Jamba Juice smoothie and decided to leave him to go hear some lectures about studying abroad, undergraduate research, and student leadership and service. Best move I've ever made today. I got tons of info and I'm really excited to get involved in all of these projects.

This guy was wiping EACH leaf at my mom's hotel haha