Friday, August 2, 2013

Week #14 (07/29/2013 - 08/04/2013) - Finals Week

Actually is not Finals Week, it's just Finals Day which is Tuesday. On Monday I was suppose to wake up at 9 AM but I suddenly woke up at 10:30. I had a blurry memory of heavy rain in the morning and Alex reassured me of that so that must have been the reason why I overslept. Either way I started studying trigonometry after watching my daily vlogs and the Kardashians and after procrastinating for three days I finished the material in half an hour.. like are you f kidding me? I was stressed for three days about it and ended up the material in half an hour. This past weekend one of the families of the vlogs I watch had their baby! Baby Ollie was born on July 27th and that vlog made me cry (Bumps Along the Way). Also over the weekend we went for lunch to Multiplaza as always and Mackay tagged along with Cristy.. I totally dislike him. I mean, if Cristy likes him it's okay and I'm happy for her, but Mackay is so strongly opinionated it stresses me... He lacks empathy to another level. I can't wait til Tuesday afternoon to finally have my well deserved three week vacation! I've been waiting for this moment 7 months! I took a break after studying trigonometry and next thing I know it's already 4 in the afternoon! How did time passed so quickly?! By 5 PM I went to Rod's because Andrew was gonna be there to help me with my precalculus extra credit. We did that and then we played some poker. All of the guys were there, Alfonso, Keny, Andrew, Tommy and Rod. We ate Chinese for dinner and I came home by 8 PM.

Tuesday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to be early for my precalculus final so I could review with Greta. I did well on the test and after that Alex and I were supposed to go get some lunch but she bailed on me.. I stuck around with nothing to do... Then it was the trigonometry final which I did well to, one surprising thing is that on one problem I couldn't get the right answer, I tried and tried and out of nowhere I just typed the numbers in the calculator without any parenthesis, straight out of the formula AND IT WORKED! I don't care it took me so long as long as I got it right. After finals Alex had told me to go get some yogurt, and when I came out I saw that she was chatting in our friend's group and I texted her where was she, she took a couple of minutes to return my text and guess what... She bailed me again for this outing, which she proposed in the beginning. She told me she would explain later what happened but I saw a Last Seen from after we talked and she hasn't explained... If it was an emergency it's okay with me, but I feel very sad because I really wanted to hang out with her. On a happy note: I'M ON VACATIONS!! I can't believe the day has finally come, I'm SO HAPPY! Alex called me later on the day and she explained to me that she had to leave to pick up some pair of pants she needs for a photoshoot.. My steam cooled off and we started talking the usual. For dinner my family and I went to "La Mexicanita", my favorite restaurant ever! This time the beans were a little too liquid though.

Wednesday: First official day of my summer vacations. It started with errands in the morning, I finally picked up my new credit card woohoo! I also started reading "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan which is a series called The Heroes of Olympus that follows the Percy Jackson series. It's 3 in the afternoon and there's a severe thunderstorm, I can still see a few sun rays but other than that it's full thunders and rain. It rained pretty hard for about half an hour, now it's all dark and cold. I cleaned my room after accumulating two laundry baskets and 5 pairs of shoes laying around. I also started packing things I won't use until Tampa into a suitcase, just to scratch those items off my list. I'm addicted to packing. For the last two days Austin and Enrique have been practicing because they have a concert on their church this Sunday, right now they were playing "Hot n Cold" from Katy Perry and the singer, Austin's friend from school, is a really good singer. He has one of those different male voices. 

On Thursday I went out my my mom, dad and my Popo (dad's mom) to lunch. My grandma wanted to see me before I left for college and thus we went to Lenos & Carbon in Albrook Mall. After lunch we stopped by the super market to buy her some ice cream and bread since it's difficult for her to do errands. She told me some relatives wanted her to move to Chorrera because they said her family here didn't appreciate her, I could see the hurt in her eyes like if she knew that was true but tried to denied it. It breaks my heart because I don't spend much time with her, I always say I will but I never do. I should make a quick stop before leaving and bring her some ice cream (her favorite: Casa Blanca) and hot dog bread (her favorite breakfast). Today I also learned that Ambar received the Taiwan Scholarship! I'm so excited for her, what a great birthday present haha. 

On Friday I went to The Plaza in Ciudad del Saber to grab a yogurt with Alex and make some errands to the bank. Yesterday my Popo gave me some money for college and I decided to deposit it on my account. Besides that I also had a piggy bank full of coins which I also deposited, i.e. headache for the lady who has to count them. I had to use my mom's car because my dad took the Toyota because he had to go to the dentist, thankfully I did great with the car - no accidents. USF announced that they will not be accepting Visa cards for Tuition and Fees payments so my mom is now going nuts over getting a Master Card. For dinner I planned to eat a salmon and some broccoli, but the minute I saw the broccoli I chickened out! Instead I ended up eating a fish burger, yummy.