Friday, August 16, 2013

Week #16 (08/12/2013 - 08/18/2013) - Last Week in Panama

On Monday I went to my last doctor's appointment before leaving to get my last shot against some disease I don't know its name. There was something going on in Calle 50 on our way to the hospital and police cars where heading towards us. Policemen were wearing gas masks and had body shields, it looks like some professors were protesting in front of a government building. It took us over an hour to get to the hospital but we made it, I got my shot and then we headed back home. On our way home we stopped by Blockbuster so I could rent some movies and store them in my external memory to take to Tampa but I didn't found anything I liked. For dinner we had some pizza. Talking about food, my mouth still hurts and it's very difficult for me to talk or smile. It looks like I have a couple of cuts in the edges of my lips because of the dryness the day of the surgery and that hurts too.

I forgot to mention that over the weekend I finished reading "45 pounds" by K.A. Barson, and it was really hmm bad. I give it 2.5 stars. After that I started reading "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper, this book is kind of the ones with a low start, kind of "It's Kind of a Funny Story". Today, Tuesday, Rod came by and we hung out as always :) He had to leave early though because he had a final project to begin and to finish by tonight, two projects actually.

Wednesday was a really fun day! I went to my grandpa's to use his studio to take pictures with Alex (which you can see HERE), and we had a lot of fun :) This was like our farewell activity for the two of us. Panama's traffic was horrible and I had to pick up Alex, I had to go all the way to the Cinta Costera to end up in Calle 50 to go back to Via Israel to come back to Calle 50 and cross to Via Porras, Panama's traffic is madness itself, it's not just rush hour it's every time, everyday. After the shoot I took Alex home and went back to my grandparent's to dinner with the excuse that there would be a traffic jam, I actually did it because I wanted to spent time with them before leaving. I played Hay Day with Patty and Apo until the pizza arrived and after having dinner Tia Marilu, Patty, and I played some more. Before leaving Acun and Apo gave me a big check as a gift, Acun said that it's to be used for a car when I come back. But I'm thinking in using it to my master's degree. Either way, I'm very thankful :) On my way back home I stopped by "La Mexicanita" (my favorite restaurant in the whole world) to make and order for tomorrow's farewell dinner at my house.

Thursday was my FAREWELL PARTY! A bunch of my friends came by to my house, about 25 of them, and we hung out :) Alex came over early so that she could help me with the shopping and cleaning, so before we started working we ate some lunch: KFC. We went driving because the delivery system is stressful. We both ate a Famous Bowl (my favorite dish at KFC). When we came back Rod was already here, so we ate and then went to Riba Smith to buy some snacks and drinks. We ended buying about 6 bottles of 2L Sodas, two bottles of 2L iced tea and about a gazillion packages of different flavored Oreos. After that on our way home we saw the aftermath of an accident: a police motorcyclist on the ground without a shoe and complaining about his neck next to a Toyota Yaris with the rear part bumped. I've never witness car accidents, and I wish I'll never do. At 5:40 we went out again to pick up the order of Mexican Food from my favorite restaurant, the order was supposed to be ready by 6 and they ended up finishing it at 6:40. I was okay but Alex was kind of steamed haha. We also bumped into Ambar, Tommy and Andrew at the restaurant because they were picking up food at Nora Express (dumpling place). When all of us got home the spilling began. The tres leches cake Rod bought as a surprise, spilled on the back seat of Andrew's car; the pico de gallo spilled on our way from my car to the door and soaked Rod's socks and my arm. We finally went up and Vivianne and Alfonso were already there. We set up the food and then the party started! We talked, played heads up, ate, and laugh. I didn't really got emotional but I will really miss them all. Shey got sick during the party and after she left Rod went to the elevator and saw puke all over.. We believe it was her but she hasn''t said a word about that. Zhanzhy stayed overnight because she had no way to go home. It's so funny how Zhanzhy is like my lost sister, I feel so comfortable with her :)

On Friday Zhanzhy woke me up at 8 AM so say good bye, I asked her to do that because it's going to be the last time I see her until holidays. How cute is that she left a note on my laptop saying that she loved me and that she's going to miss me? :) At 11 AM I went to the dentist, again, to have my stitches taken out. It didn't hurt but it wasn't comfortable either. At 1 in the afternoon I went with Rod to the Causeway, and we drove the whole thing until we decided to eat at Pencas. I was craving clams really bad so I order that as my main dish along with fried yucca, Rod ordered the same, which I think is the first time we've ordered exactly the same thing! After lunch we stopped by Arrocha and bought each one a frame so we could put a picture of us, which I'll be taking with me to college. We were going to stop by Popo's after Arrocha to say my last good bye but my mom didn't let me because of traffic. I really wanted to present Rod and my grandma. I think she would be the only grandparent who would actually and genuinely like Rod. Anyway.. Rod came to my house and we hung out. We did a lot of things for half an afternoon. We played the cups song and did our own song, we watched YouTube videos, played Color Sheep and talked. I didn't get emotional but I almost cracked because I suddenly realized the absence he was going to make in my life for the next four months. After Rod left I bought my MacBook Pro! I'm so excited for that!