Friday, August 30, 2013

My Classes - UPDATE

So initially I only had 6 classes which are:

  • Calculus I
  • Chemistry for Engineers
  • World Regional Geography
  • Intro to American Studies
  • Foundations of Engineers
  • Foundations of Engineers Lab
I wanted to enroll in the Chemistry for Engineers Lab too, at first but at orientation when I was registering they were all full. I had this hunch and decided to log in the page tonight to check if there were any spaces available. AND THERE WERE! 5 to be exact. So I enrolled and luckily the class with the 5 available spots are on Thursdays, my free days. Sadly, my classes are at 8 AM! Another thing I don't like is that I already missed the first class so I have no idea what I have to take or what I should know. On the good side, I don't need any extra books or anything. 

Now I have 7 classes this semester! I hope I can survive.