Sunday, May 19, 2013

7 Things To Be Thankful For.

  • Have a good customer service
Today I spent half an hour in a cellphone company waiting for my turn, they were with number 16 and I was 28. I went out and did a few rounds around the mall predicting it would take a long time before my turn. When I came back they were just changing to number 20. The company had 4 people attending customers and took an hour to attend four people. I surrendered and went home. What made me nuts was that there were workers standing doing nothing, and what I wanted to know is if my roaming was on... I mean, they just had to look up my number in their system. So whenever you have a good customer service, be thankful, give them a compliment or a tip. 
  • High-speed internet
Have you noticed that when you most need high speed internet to do a paper due the next hour or something, and the internet is trying to mimic a snail. I hate it when the computer enter its bad moods and decides to lag every ten seconds. Be thankful when you've got high speed internet. 
  • Having a good hair day
I love those days when you wake up, look in the mirror and feel awesome. You go out and your hair's not frizzy or anything. The wind blows and your hair stays perfect, your friends take pics and you look awesome. A good hair day is an awesome day. 
  • Staying at home on a cold and rainy day
Sunday monday, nothing to do, and no need to go out. It starts raining and you've got a blanket, couple of DVDs and plenty of money for pizza delivery.  It's cold and dark, and it stays that way the whole day. That's a perfect sunday for me. 
  • Finding what you're looking for in the fridge
How many times have you gotten off your homework and went to open the frigde with nothing in mind, and just happen to find exactly what you didn't know you were craving! That's awesomeness in its pureness. 
  • Car ride with a set of your favorite songs
Going on a long trip is not always fun, but when the radio station plays THE perfect set of songs. Every song you like and know the lyrics to, and sing all the way til your destiny. 
  • Having a productive day
I'm not lying when I say I never have a full productive day. I mean, there are times that I wake up, log into whatever social media, and spend the whole freaking day doing nothing. I do love those productive days when you go shopping to the market, or finish a lot of assignments and have quality time with the family. I love those days, when I feel i fully took advantage of.