Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week #2 (04/29/2013 - 05/05/2013)

Monday was free because of Labor Day (here in Panama), so I decided to wake up at 7:00 AM (didn't happen) to spend the whole day studying for my math test. It all began with my finger touching the snooze button, one, two, three and plus more times until is was 9:30 AM. I can't believe I spent from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM studying, that's a new record for me! Of course I had my little breaks (including random dance breaks).

I did my exam on Tuesday, I don't wanna jinx it so I won't tell you how it went. Later in the late afternoon I went for a jog. I love running, because there's nothing else to think about than to keep up. I love the soreness in my muscles, and the pain it brings afterwards. I feel great with myself, inside and out. There's just one thing.. Every time I run I feel like I'm getting bigger rather than smaller, unlike MMA that does make me smaller. Today I ran 4 km. I also finished "It't Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini, totally recommend the book. I read Little Women when I was in 11th grade, and lately I've been craving to finish it. So I bought the Little Women series (Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo's Boys).

On Wednesday I spent the WHOLE day studying for my Biology Final. Thank God "Little Women" only cost $1 because I got pretty bored, so I decided to leave it alone until I crave it again and leave it again. So, new book: "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier. My boyfriend gave it to me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary this May 7th :).

I did my one to last Final Exam on Thursday, it was Biology. 5 chapters in one exam, studied in one day: INSANE. I think I did pretty well, plus there were like 20 points of extra credits and extra credit assignments. I mean.. with that much extra credit who wouldn't go well? The rest of the day I just battled with falling asleep while studying for my Psychology Final.

And finally Friday! I did great on my Psychology Final! The rest of the day I slept, saw "New Year's Eve", and doodled. I did a Pikachu, I'm not that good at drawing but it makes me relax and have fun. About the movie, I can't believe I haven't seen it until today. I already saw the one of Valentine's Day, and I like these movies. It's funny how you can tell many stories in one movie and connect them someway at the end. What we need now is a funny Thanksgiving's movie.

Enjoy everyday as if it's your last.