Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week #5 - The Adventure Begins in Seattle (05/20/2013 - 05/26/2013)

Monday started with me doing nothing for a while, then making up my mind in finishing my math homework and finished, left with nothing else to do. I can't wait til Friday to be on a plane heading to Seattle. Whenever I have nothing to do I watch videos on YouTube, here you can see that day's shout outs: YouTube Daily Shoutout #4 and if you like those here are more: moreother moremore more. And after a long day of nothing to do I went to MMA, the biggest productive thing I've could have done.

Tuesday was an OK day, I woke up early feeling like shit because I'm still not used to waking up so early. very very VERY frustrating day because everything that enter through one ear stepped out of my head through the other one. I hate when you ask something to a teacher and they vaguely answer you and because of shyness you say "ohhh, okay I got it", but even the teacher knows that's not true; however, he pretends it was true. Today I ate alone :( it's not such an easy thing for me to make new friends; however, today I made a new one :) When I came back home I started on my trig homework, then pre calculus and finished with English. For English I had to write a one page essay about being in another person's shoes. I wrote about my best friend and I titled the essay "She is Size Seven". Pretty clever title, huh? Ha ha. I'm also halfway my reading for the week: "Twisted" by K. A. Robinson, which is the sequel to "Torn". So far is good, a lot of awesome shit has happened in the first half, so I wondered what shittier thing can happen now.
And I should get used to it because I'll have to wake up early in the Alaska Cruise for the land stops. Today was a

On Wednesday I finished "Twisted" by K. A. Robinson. And I give it 5 stars. This series is very alike to "Avoiding Commitment" by K. A. Linde and "I'll Wait For You" by J. Lynn. My scale between these three books looks like this: Avoiding Commitment > Torn > I'll Wait For You. One perk I'm really grateful from "Torn" is that although there will be another sequel, the second book didn't end in an open thought. I've got tons of books to read that the sequel's not out yet, and I'm dying a little everyday waiting for those books. A couple come out on August and the rest in October and November. At night I went to a Cirque Du Soleil presentation: Dralion. I have seen La Nouba in Florida and now Dralion here in Panama. For me Dralion was funnier than La Nouba; however, I liked La Nouba more.

Thursday was a night with the guys (guys because there were only two more girls with me), my friends and I decided to hang out at my boyfriend's place. It was so fun. One last time before my trip to Alaska. I am so excited! Bags are packed, devices charged, what about me? I'm a wreck! My issue with travel has always being the trouble I have to get through to finally fall asleep the night before, because I'm so full of excitement.

Friday! It finally came, but is wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. The second flight lasted 6 hours and I had a headache and in the thrid flight my allergies flicked on. We were very tired an couldn't sleep well because there were kids on board singing and crying all the way. Finally we made it to the hotel at 4 AM (Panama time) or 2 AM (Seattle time). 

On Saturday I woke up at 6 AM because I couldn't stay asleep with this allergies. I went down to the lobby's convinience store and bought some medication and a chapstick. Omg my allergies are KILLING ME! Although I was dying this was the funnest day I've ever had with my family! Everyone was at first stressed out (everyone: grown ups) because my cousin wanted to go to church and the rest of us preffered the mall, so there was a big misunderstanding.. And well.. That's how the day began. When the rest of us got to the mall me and my parents went shopping (actually just me and mom, dad just bought a pair of jeans). After shopping about 4 hours we went to the Public Market in Pike Street. 

This is were the fun started. After dinning at a famous cheese restaurant, we all went walking around and laughed all the way there telling jokes and having fun. We were ALL having fun and that's why I love family trips: everyone is happy. We also got to go to the very first Starbuck in the whole world! Tomorrow is off to the cruise so I'll be writing about that next week!