Thursday, May 16, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #3

I found this Ellen video in which Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother") talked about his amazing 40th birthday planned by his fiance. This birthday was Legen.. wait for it.. DARY! Wow you've got to see it. 

This video was cool because you can make one yourself, like if you are going on a trip (which I'll definitely to when I'll go to Seattle), or of your own house; to have a memory of where have you been and what did it meant. Now, the video made me a little dizzy, but the concept is pretty nice. 

I couldn't find this video in search but here's the link: click me!
This video may be old but is for all the Harry Potter fans :) It's a documentary of Daniel Radcliffe and is pretty complete, it lasts over 40 minutes. The link I posted has the complete documentary on one video, unlike others that are separated in parts. The video talks about Daniel's life before, during and after Harry Potter. I still love and will forever love those books and movies. 

Here's the link again if you don't want to scroll up: click me!