Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Supermarket Expedition

I love going to the supermarket. I love comparing brands and prices, and walking through the aisles while I pretend to skate with the shopping cart. You can do a lot of kind acts at the supermarket, reach something someone shorter can't, pick up something that fell, and make a baby smile while his/her parents are discussing which potato chip is healthier. 

I like to go to the supermarket because that means I'll eat what I want this week. I like to choose my own snacks, and have a say on what I want for dinner. I like the aura the supermarket's have, it's like a family kind of aura, where everyone has the same purpose. Food. Food brings family together. 

Then when I come home, to organize all the items I bought. To put in the fridge, freezer, cupboard, or the microwave to eat right away. Talking about microwaves, what do you think about TV dinners, frozen pizzas, or frozen breakfast? I think is awesome, if you don't want to cook and you live alone. From a family where the mom can't cook's point of view, TV dinners can save your night from the earthy tone meal mamma's making.

In summation, I love going to the supermarket because I have free will within my choice of food, I am a gold medalist in shopping cart races, and seeing babies makes me happy.