Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week #3 - Vacay (05/06/2013 - 05/12/2013)

Monday I slept until 11:00 A.M that's not late for me, that's usually the time I wake up when I'm neither tired nor hyper. But today I had the privilege because I'm on my one week vacation! I went for lunch with my two best friends to La Nostra Pizza (which if you are in Panama, is located in front of Do It Center in El Dorado). We shared a Big Jim which had pepperonni, salami, chicken and ham. I also got a roommate request via RoomSync in Facebook (I'm going to University of South Florida this Fall). I never though I'd get a request... I'm shy, quiet, and pretty much a couch potato. The good news is my maybe roommate is too! How exciting to have someone as your roommate who is almost exactly like you. And at night I went to MMA. Today was full locks. Yuck! I got a sweat bath again.

My anniversary outfit: Wool sweater from
Zara and a Tribal skirt from Forever 21
On Tuesday I went to lunch with my BFF again to T.G.I. Friday's. We had the executive lunch where you can have an entree, main, and dessert for only $10. Then she came to my house and just hung out and watched YouTube videos (she's a big Rita Ora fan). At 7:00 P.M. my boyfriend took me out for dinner for our third anniversary. We went to La Hacienda Real, which is a Guatemalan steakhouse, my boyfriend ordered entails and I had a filet Mignon. We joined our meals with an amapola and a melon smoothie, and for dessert a strawberry cheesecake. The service was really good, and the quality of the food was outstanding. The tenderness of the steak was unique. And at the end of the day I fell asleep reading "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier. So far it's been a really good choice of reading. 

Wednesday was a lay back day. I woke up at 11;00 AM, did nothing for a while, had fried chicken for lunch, and went out to buy those plastic bags that shrink your clothes for my trip to Seattle. I also rented some movies in Blockbuster ("The Five-Year Engagement", "Rise of the Guardians", "Iron Man 1", "Wreck It Ralph", and "Here Comes the Boom"). I watched "The Five-Year Engagement" starring Jason Segel. I give it 3.8 stars. The beginning was a bit off, but I liked the end, plus I love Jason Segel. And at 9:30 PM I went for my MMA class. Guess what? I was the only one who showed up... Is it better to be the only one? or worst? In my case, it was for the better. The coach focused more on my techniques and helped me with special movements, because I'm very short, and some movements are harder to do the regular way.

On Thursday I woke up early to play tennis with my two cousins in the Sheraton Hotel. We are awful, but we play because we have played our whole life (that we have played our whole life doesn't mean we are good at it). After the match we went for lunch with our moms and our grandma. I had a sancocho (Panamanian soup), my younger cousin had some waffles, my older cousin a wrap, and mom and my aunt a salad and my grandma had a bandeja tipica (a dish full of native food). Have you heard "Warrior" of Demi Lovato? The lyrics are insane! I love how Demi writes, and also the way she sings it; because I can feel the pain in her eyes, even if I'm not seeing her. It's amazing. I also finished "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier, the epilogue blew my mind! However the actual ending of the book was kind of lame, although the end of "Ruby Red" was kind of lame, I bought "Sapphire Blue"(the sequel).