Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Shopping Cart This Week #2

This boots are from Forever 21. In this post I'll put everything from Forever 21, from a non-american point of view, Forever 21 is the best clothing store. And since I don't get to shop there more than 2 times a year I really go nuts when I get to shop there. Back to the boots: these are Metallic Heel Booties and you can get them for $32.80. This go so well with an informal dress. There's also a floral version :D

I love wearing loose sweaters, and I particularly like this one because it seems that now wearing a big cross on your chest is trending. I like it, although it does seem a little disrespectful. Just don't wear it at church and everything will be good. 

These looks so comfortable, maybe to use when in the airport. That way you'll be comfy and look good without having to use a sweat pants + sweatshirt combo. You can get these for $17.80.

I love this color, but it also matters what size it is. Because I'm not going to buy something where my keys won't even fit. But if it's a good size I would definitively buy it. I goes well with those black and white outfits.