Monday, July 1, 2013

Confession #1

I loooooooooove Full House. Not many people know that about me, but to those who know the reason is because they are super close to me. I have the whole eight seasons on mi iPad and I watch them every single day. Not the eight seasons straight but about and episode a day. I don't take it seriously when I watch, I just listen to it while I do my homework, take a shower or eat dinner. Since I don't like what's on TV, I watch this. 

The amount of knowledge I have about Full House is unbelievable, I even know whole episode's transcripts. I know everybody's full name or if not at least their name. I do think it's a little freaky about me to know all of this. I have been watching the eight seasons since I was 14, and when I was younger I just catch a glimpse once in a while from Nick at Nite at the US. The year I started watching the series, 2009, I watched them all day, and finished the eight seasons in about three days. But know I've slowed down the pace a bit. 

How did I ended up watching Full House on Nick at Nite? Well, my mom LOVES Bill Cosby and she used to watch that when we were on our house in Miami, and after or before that they would run Full House and since the TV was on Nickelodeon I watched it. And that's how it all started.

I have always dreamed to go to one of those contests about a topic and hoping it's about Full House and win the contest. Right now I'm watching Full House, Season 6; I like to listen to it instead of music because I think this soothes me better. 

So, Confession #1: I'm a freak when it comes to Full House.